The American Heart Association

By: Sven Ullmann

The American heart association is an organization in the United States thats goals are to promote and foster cardiac care and awareness One of its primary goals is to reduce the death rate caused by heart attack and stroke. It is a nonprofit organization.

Their mission statement is as follows. The American heart association is a national voluntary health agency whos mission is to reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke and help people cope.

That American heart association is active in gathering and distributing information on heart attack and stroke prevention. Not only do they work to better educate people on prevention They also work in many areas regarding care and treatment for the victims of heart attack and stroke. Heart attack is Americas number one killer, stroke is Number three. So their job is an important one Without the American Heart association who would there be to do the job they do?

Another mission of their is to lobby congress for laws to better protect the public from products that leave Americans vulnerable to heart attack and stroke. The American Heart Association has been instrumental in seeing new recent laws passed limiting smoking in the workplace and in public buildings. They have pressured cigarette manufacturers and marketers to stop advertising to young people and to be more free and open with information about the health hazards of smoking cigarettes and the effects of second hand smoke.

The American Heart Association is the leader in the fight against large cigarette companies. You can find the American Heart Association behind many media which tells the public the truth about cigarette companies.

These effective media methods are TV advertisements. We all have seen them growing up. As new information comes available regarding heart attack and stroke prevention, The American heart association sees to it that it is disseminated to the public and what better way to reach millions than TV American Heart Association TV ads Have proven to be effective in accomplishing their goals and will continue to be an integral part of their campaign to keep the public aware of heart disease and stroke.

The American Heart Association is available on the Internet by clicking to their web site. True to form their web site is loaded with information to help you protect yourself and your loved ones from heart attack and stroke. It is garnered from the latest research being done on heart attack and stroke. Its many links can show you how live and eat right how to keep yourself out of a high risk group for heart attack and stroke. Without the American Heart Association we all would be at higher risk.

It's always good to support nonprofit groups like the America Heart Association. When a group is striving towards the betterment of a good cause and you feel strongly about what they are doing, back that cause in whatever way you can. Nonprofit groups are always looking for donations of your time and money to help aid them in their mission.

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