Learn About STDs And Love Will Not Hurt

By: Peter Finch

STDs are extremely dangerous especially for women, taking into consideration that at a moment in their life they are responsible for two, or even more persons that means when they are pregnant. On the one hand, STDs can lead to uterine cervix cancer or they can be transmitted to the baby while giving birth or after birth. The bad news is that a person can catch more STDs in the same time.

First, a popular STD is Chlamydia infection. It is caused by a bacteria and it usually does not develop any symptoms. However, there can be noticed vagina or penis discharges, pain, or burning feeling while urinating. It is very unpleasant but it can be treated.

Genital herpes has viral origin. It develops as blisters covering genital organs and it can be transmitted from the mother to the baby. As far as treatment is concerned, it reduces the frequency of occurrence and the severity of the lesions, but it does not eliminate the infection.

Furthermore, most of the times B hepatitis is the most frequently associated with sexual contact. The most common symptoms are yellow pigment covering large areas of the skin and the eyes as well. The patient can develop fever, different pains, and fatigue. To continue with, if it is not treated on time, they can complicate, leading to cirrhosis or hepatic cancer. Unfortunately, there is no traditional treatment, but there are anti hepatitis vaccines, which can prevent the disease.

Gonorrhea is another frequent STD, signaled by vagina and penis secretions, and pain while urinating. This disease is dangerous because it can lead to infertility. Nevertheless, it can be treated.

Furthermore, syphilis does not develop severe symptoms at the beginning. It can start with a painless ulceration at genital level, which can cure spontaneously. After that, skin rash can emerge as well as headache and pain in the joints. If it is not diagnosed and treated, it can lead to unwanted consequences upon the psychic.

Another STD is represented by genital warts, which can be triggered by a virus. There can emerge painless prominences in the genital and anal area, whose shape can be associated with a tiny cauliflower. Fortunately they can be treated in more manners.

An extremely unpleasant STD is triggered by lice. They are little insects finding shelter in the pubic hair. They can be caught after contact with infested clothes or bed linen. At the beginning you may have itching sensation in the pubic area. It is a disagreeable disease, but it can be treated.

In addition, scab is a skin infection caused by a parasite. It can spread rapidly, through sexual contact, skin contact, bed linen, towels, or furniture, which has been infested. It can be as well treated.

Even if most of these diseases can be treated, as soon as you notice something wrong with you and you suspect you have contacted a STD, you must go immediately to the doctor, in order to prevent its spreading.Besides, sexual education may be beneficial in STDs prevention.

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