How To Identify STD Symptoms

By: Christa Kowalczyk

STD (sexually transmitted disease) better known as STI (sexually transmitted infections) caused due to sexual contact. These are infectious disease and are passed from one person to another through sexual contacts, oral sex and anal sex.

This is real threat to our society as teenage boys and girls are getting affected and the number is increasing at an alarming rate. At least this disease grips 80% of the people. 40 million people around the globe are suffering from this disease and half of them are women.

It is the matter of great concern for those countries which are having the highest number of population affected. The main cause is practicing of unsafe and unprotected sex i.e. sex done without using condoms, faulty use of condoms or the oral sex.

It is very difficult to trace the early signs of the disease.The symptoms are not seen but the disease may still remain active, but if there is any change in the body or some symptoms like the, foul smell in vagina, unusual discharge from penis or vagina, abnormal bleeding, burning sensation while urination, itching and swelling in testicals or vagina, mouth sores, warts or some transparent blisters around the vaginal area or testicals or pale skin and eyes, or unexplained tiredness may be due to the diseases like Gonorrhea Hepatitis (viral), Syphilis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) or Genital Warts.

All these are different types of sexually transmitted disease. But the one which is incurable and fast spreading is HIV positive (AIDS).

Those people involved in sex with multiple partners or more than one partner is more prone to sex related problems or easily susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases. Those with less sexual partners or only one sex partner have low risk of getting affected.

The safest way to be away from such disease is to stop engaging in multiple sexes, avoiding sex with multiple partners and using condoms. The condoms are available both for men and women. Without condoms the risk of transmission manifests many folds. See to it that you use condom before every sexual encounter. The contraceptive pill available can only help you in avoiding conception but never protects from transmitting STD.

If you find some of your symptoms are abnormal, immediately consult the doctor. If you are found positive don't panic, as most of the sexually transmitted diseases can be cured if diagnosed at an early stage. But it is very essential that you complete the prescribed medication for an STD, don't leave your treatment in between and the situation can become grave.

Surveys have revealed that many people who are infected and are aware of this fact still continue sex in an unsafe manner, neither do they tell the partner or they use condom, which is really wrong. Even one unsafe sexual encounter can transmit the infection. Practice safe sex and save yourself from getting infected from these diseases.

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