How to Cure a Cold Sore Fast

By: Dylan Bavol

Great news for everyone who have cold sores: there are now many ways to effectively manage those unwanted fever blisters. Here are a few effective remedy suggestions you should learn about:

Effective tips on how to cure cold sores

?Make sure to maintain the fever blisters clean and dry. Do not attempt to cover them up through makeup because you might only worsen the cold sore attack. Besides, concealing with thick layers of makeup is rarely ever effective.

?Protect the cold sore area with petroleum jelly to hasten the healing process, avoid cracking, bleeding, and minimize spreading.

Apply some lip balm that has sunscreen protection to avoid worsening the cold sores. Remember that many cold sore outbreaks are due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

?Putting cold compress or tea bags over the cold sores will aid in soothing pain and discomfort and in decreasing the swelling. Tannic acid contained in tea have natural anti-viral effects that may work on your cold sores.

?Eat lots of lysine-containing foods but avoid foods that are either citrus or contain arginine.

Lysine stops the cold sore virus from replicating while arginine keeps them alive. Take in more dairy products and potatoes which are two of the richest sources of lysine. Avoid or do away with arginine sources like peas, whole grains, and chocolates. Acidic foods are seen to initiate and aggravate cold sores, so avoid citrus fruits as much as possible.

?Herbs such as peppermint, aloe vera and sage are popular and very effective. Simply apply a few drops of the herbal extract and allow the anti-viral effect of the herb to do the work.

?There are over the counter and prescription drugs that put to your cold sores.

Almost all cold sore medications relieve the symptoms and the itching brought about by cold sores. However, even if some anti-cold sore medications claim that they can remove your cold sores permanently, do not expect it to really do.

Take note that the cold sore virus tend to stay in the nervous system for a long time, even for good.

Your best defense against it is to know exactly what initiates your cold sore attack. What causes yours may vary from another sufferer.

The most common triggers are as follows: fatigue, lip or skin injury and hormonal changes.

It is very important that you know what factor initiates your outbreaks and avoid it as much as you can.

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