Know More About Sweat Rash And Treating It

By: Kiran Tamada

Sweat Rash is a common skin ailment prevalent in hot and humid conditions, such as in the tropics characterized by skin and itchy rashes. It is more predominantly in children and infants because of under developed sweat glands. There are lots of other terms associated with skin rash like Milaria, prickly heat. Sweat rash usually develops under the arms, between the legs and the groin area where there is excessive sweat. Due to high moisture, fungal infection develops and leads to fungal skin infections.If neglected secondary bacterial infection may set in.

Sweat rash is common skin infection caused by Candida yeast infection. Symptoms of sweat rash include small red rashes called papules which may itch or more often cause prickling like sensation. These rashes may occur simultaneously at various parts of the body like face, neck, chest, under the arm, groin area and the scrotum.

Skin rashes may be associated with itching, tangling, burning, swelling and slight discomfort. Skin rash may be contagious or not contagious. Some skin rashes may be localized and some generalized. Some skin rashes are short-lived, some recurrent and some chronic.

Sweat rash treatment are generally quite basic which includes cooling the skin, keeping the affected part dry. Normally cool showers and loose fitting clothing usually does the trick. Also avoiding overcrowded, staying in the sun can be beneficial. Air conditioned or proper ventilation is necessary to avoid sweat reash. Calamine lotion is good treatment option for normal heat rashes.

If the skin is inflamed, treatment must be done both to relieve the inflammation and also treat the infection. Anti fungal agents are good to treat sweat rashes as they contain secondary anti bacterial properties that help to eliminate bacteria and fungi also. Most of these anti fungal creams contain hydrocortisone which helps down to soothen down the redness, itchiness and inflammation. There are lots of commercial anti fungal agents available in the market.

Even simple or treatable rashes can cause lot of frustration, especially if you do not know what to do, imagine rashes appearing on one fine day causing itchiness, burning sensation and you not knowing what to do. Self diagnosis is good if you had similar type of rashness before and most probably it would be the same one. It is always good to talk to your doctor or visit your health care professional if you are not sure about the type of skin rash.

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