Human Energy Fields - Why More Research?

By: Ian Stone

As an authority on Human Energy Fields; we at the Metaphysical Institute have developed a simple and unique methodology and order to healing Human Energy Fields; that can be easily taught to any open minded person who can master a simple kinesiology technique.

Because of the benefits of Human Energy Field healing; like rapid healing - often almost instantly; no need for drugs; non invasive; can be done as distant healing to name a few.
There is a need for more Medical Research in properly Accredited Medical Research Laboratories that is essential for conventional Medical Science to understand what physically happens to our blood, organs and physiology when Human Energy Fields are restored.

Metaphysical Institute would like to hear from others involved in this or like research and contribute to or become involved to further this aim of more and effective Scientific Research.

With equipment such as Gas Discharge Visualization GDV Camera and new software from people like Dr Korotkov we can also see real time changes in Auras as they are healed. The Research Project could include these studies together with less conventional Kinesiology and Aura Readers, to prove the enormous benefit of Human Energy Field healing.

This research will be the first step to introduce Human Energy Field healing to more mainstream Medical treatments enabling a reduction in costs and more effective and rapid healing.

With one of the major benefits being prevention; as virtually all medical problems and diseases show up in the Energy Fields before the physical is manifested.

Why Human Energy Fields are Vital to Health & Wellbeing - Unique Information on the Interaction between Body, Mind, Soul and how Human Energy Fields interact and are a part of all Life - What causes Disturbances of these Energy Fields & Simple advice how anyone can Prevent Disturbances - How to Restore Them. Secrets of Life, Information on Ghosts, Spirits and Angels are some of the topics explored by the Metaphysical Institute

Energy Medicine, Human
Energy Fields
, Life Coaching, Permanent removal of Ghost & Spirit Beings, Cures for Dyslexia, Phobias and Panic Attacks usually in one Session

With an Energy Field Restoration - Imagine being finely turned with all your Mental and Physical capability returned to the perfect condition of your creation.
Metaphysical Institute is a leader in Human Energy Fields. Reading and removing Energy Field Disturbances & Life Coaching with a difference!

1. Life Coaching: by removal of Emotional Blocks holding people back from achieving their potential. This is done in minutes, needs no long term counseling or other techniques. Guidance to your Destiny, Planning, Goal setting and Mentoring

2. Energy Field Healing is for Prevention and/or rapid Healing of Diseases and Illnesses and Energy Field Healing can be used in conjunction and to complement any other form of treatment whether conventional or alternative.

3. Energy Field Healing can also be used as stand alone treatment with little or no drugs or other medication.

4. When surgery is needed Energy Field Healing helps elimination of rejection and promotes rapid healing. Also rapidly removes the effect of the anesthetic.

5. Removal of anger, fears, panic attacks, cures for dyslexia and phobias and any other emotional problems usually in one session.

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