Easiest Way to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

By: peterhutch

Stretch marks are deep scars, or scar tissue, that appears as stripes on the skin. They are commonly found on the stomach, legs, buttocks, and breasts, but may appear nearly anywhere. Extreme stretching of the skin causes tiny skin fibers to tear. There is no known remedy to repair these fibers, though there are many products and treatments available that can help lighten stretch marks and improve the look of the skin.

Stretch marks are caused when the collagen under the skin is damaged. This can happen through the rapid gain of fat or muscle in one area. These marks start as red lines and then fade to whitish scars over time. Because stretch marks are the result of advanced damage to the collagen, it is very difficult to reduce their appearance. It is best to try to avoid developing stretch marks by controlling the pace at which you gain weight or build your muscles.

If you would like to reduce stretch marks without having the need for costly laser treatments and cosmetic surgery; distrust or perhaps cannot afford some of the costly lotions and creams available; are using ineffective makeup to try and cover up your stretch marks and long to wear the clothes you want to wear without feeling embarrassed about your stretch marks; and .. are sick of facing yourself in the mirror and seeing unsightly stretch marks... then help is at hand by way of powerful home remedies you can start applying right now in the privacy of your own home.

Getting rid of stretch marks is rather a difficult task. The most effective way to handle this problem is to follow a proper care routine that prevents their occurrence. This routine should begin at the start of your pregnancy. Your fluid intake should consist of at least eight glasses of water per day. This will help in maintaining the elasticity of your skin.

For women who are just recently pregnant, or men who are bulk weight training, moisturizers may help prevent stretch marks. Though nothing is scientifically proven, anecdotal evidence supports the idea that using moisturizers fortified with vitamin A and vitamin E may help prevent stretch marks. Vitamin A and E are, after all, essential components in the epidermal (skin) maintenance system.

Massage and yoga will help you to relax. If you want to tone up your muscles, you will have to exercise. Since you have a golfers elbow, I suggest you do swimming thrice a week and you can do biceps curls and shoulder rotation exercises in water which should help you. You can try a thicker grip for playing golf and this could reduce your problem in the long run.

Massaging creams, oils, or lotions into the skin will help it feel more supple. With time the lines fade to fine streaks closer to your own skin colour. What may look unacceptable to you at first will seem a whole lot better six months later! The appearance of stretch marks may also be exaggerated by under-use of your muscles and your recent unaccustomed weight gain.

Microdermabrasion to remove stretch marks
This cosmetic procedure abrades the top surface of the skin, removing it completely. Done a little at a time, this procedure removes stretch marks by slowly eliminating the skin that contains the stretch marks. This process can be lengthy and expensive.

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