Video Blogging and PR submission FAQ

By: Andrew Karasev

There is no punishment as per say, besides the fact that your press release submission number will decrease if you do not catch up the new trend and enable video and audio news on your media portal, if you are media news website.? If you are PR author, or the company, who is publishing press releases on the regular base, you should consider transition to making video blogs and video press releases as part of your job duties.? Here are FAQ as we hear them now, as time is advancing, you may expect more questions to be common, however at this time we share what we know so far:

1.?????? Video News format.? As computer screen dictates the limitations, a lot of screens have resolution 1024x768, however this is changing rapidly as more people and organizations are purchasing new wide screen LCD and notebooks.? Traditional internet media portals were restricting their websites to be only 750 pixels wide and being centered.?? If you think that your PR should stick to the old format and be compliant with 5 years old computers limitations, you should limit your video news format to 320x200 chars.? If you would like to challenge the technology advance, then we still do not recommend you to scale up to current DVD format, and stay somewhere in the middle.? Files formats: mpg and avi are very popular.

2.?????? Press Release vs.

Article dilemma.? Yes, this is the question, as you should decide if you plan to distribute your video news to articles or PR submission sites – typically each side do not honor opposite site requirements.? In our opinion PR sites are better prepared at this time to video blogs submission and publishing, however make your own research to get your opinion in your specific sector

3.?????? How to submit your video press release.? This requires some homework.? You should try to find video news submission sites by doing queries in google, yahooFree Reprint Articles, msn and other popular search engines

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