Articles and Blogs submission considerations

By: Andrew Karasev

In this small article we would like to come through article format in the sense of making it ranked higher – this is probably your goal of being published and noticed

1.?????? Article header.? You should practice in trying header to be very elegant and natural and at the same time include your key words combination.? At this time, spring 2008 search engines have this gap and you can use it so far.? We are sure google, yahoo, msn are aware about this weakness, but on the human interface level it is probably difficult to find another solution for search engine, but pay extremely high attention to the article header wording

2.?????? Introduction.? It is probably not really so important to make introduction bold or italic, it is rather important to make it again very smooth and round and again place rich collection of your keywords into it as well.? Please, be careful here, do not make your introduction keywords abused – as this is relatively easy for search engine to recognize this abuse

3.?????? Article body.? Here you don’t really need to follow SEO guidelines – be natural and allow your pen and your personality to be creative.? Rather be aware that article and blog genre and publishers hard drive spaces restrict you to one-two pages, doesn’t make sense to write fifty pages, as more likely you will not be able to publish it on standard media portals

4.?????? Press Releases.? Please do not expect press release to be syndicated at the same rate as articles, as PR is more commercial vehicle than article or photo and video blog.? Press Release can give you top positions for few days or few weeks, but it vanishes from the news headers faster than articles.? PR has special techniques, which require additional considerationFree Articles, outside of the scope of this publication

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