Guide to SEO Writing: Optimize Article, PR, Blog for Web Traffic

By: Andrew Karasev

The fact that internet space is so cheap and at the same time available for worldwide auditoria – it opens unlimited opportunities for writing and publishing your articles, press releases, weblogs, internet news with photos and videos.? Be creative and share your knowledge and your site will find the way to become popular.? Let’s review suggestions and guidelines:

1.?????? News Genre.?? You should understand the rules of the genre: article, PR, blog and news have different criteria, especially for editors to pick the relevant work for being selected for publishing

2.?????? Article: here you need to be expert in what you are writing about.? Article doesn’t allow you to go emotional or guessing about something that is well known.? Article is objective knowledge.? Article is typically syndicated by media portals, and it allows you to place link back to your web site into about author section

3.?????? Press Release.? Here you are writing on behalf of your company, being in essence official spokesman.? You will see more restrictions, comparing to article up to the point that company should stay behind every promise or announcement in your press release

4.?????? Blog or weblog.? Here you can let your emotions to get exit and critique something, expressing your own opinion

5.?????? Internet News.? These publications are typically left to newspaper and magazine staff journalists, however you can try this genre in some of the liberal media portal or publication directories

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