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By: Kaybrenner
Desktop computers are made to be sturdy, reliable, but they occupy a lot of space, and, plus, you cannot take them with you when on a business trip or a vacation. On the other hand, a laptop does all that and even more. A laptop is light - compared to your desktop computer - , its performances are good and you can use it wherever you want. However, there are situations when the laptop can prove to be not so handy.

The main issue is represented by its battery. As they do not need to be plugged in order to work, laptops rely on the energy coming from the battery. So far, most laptops, when in use, consume their batteries in several hours. After that, you have to plug them in again, for recharge. Another great disadvantage is that laptops are easy to steal, as their weight would not encumber a swift thief. But let's see how you can enjoy your laptop at optimal parameters.

Tip: Prolong the Battery Life

As said before, laptops work with batteries that are not fit for long runs. Still, you can enjoy your laptop for a longer time, if you know how to squeeze your battery juice to the fullest. This strategy that we are about to show you can save you a few hours of stress until you reach a place with an outlet where you can recharge the battery.

One method you can use to keep your battery from dying too quickly is to dim your screen to its lowest configuration. Your laptop's screen sucks up the most power, so if you don't need a super bright screen, dim it down to conserve battery juice.

Data Savings

No matter how sturdy a laptop can look on the outside, you should know that the components inside are delicate enough that a hard knock can inflict serious damage. From all of them, the one that you must be most protective of is the hard drive, the component where all your data is stored. What you need as an assurance is a serious backup. Make a habit out of saving your files and documents from the laptop onto CD-R's, DVD's and thumb drives. This way, any possible damage will be minimized.

Guard Your Laptop

Are you glad when you find a wi-fi hotspot? Of course, because you can have all the advantages of your laptop and log on to the Internet, while enjoying a fine day out of the house. But Internet holds many threats, so, if you do not want any harm happening to your files, or nasty spywares installing, against your will, on your laptop, install a firewall to guard your computer. Also, avoid sharing files freely on the net, as this is like inviting small time hackers to play with your secrets documents. You can do so by simply turning off this option.

Because of the compact size of laptops, they're really easy to steal, so always know your laptop's whereabouts. Encrypting your laptop's hard drive can give you peace of mind; if your laptop gets stolen, as least the files residing on your hard drive are encrypted and cannot easily be viewed or accessed.

Stay Away from the Heat

Laptops can get hot after a few hours of usage and can get very uncomfortable if its sitting on your lap. They sell laptop sleeves that'll keep the heat away from your skin. If anything, get an old shirt and place it under so your skin isn't in direct contact with the escaping heat.

Desktop PCs take up desk space, and even with flat LCDs quickly replacing all CRT monitors, flat screens still take up precious desktop space. The portability and compactness of laptops make them so convenient; follow the tips above to make your laptop experience more enjoyable.
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