Laptops And Desktops - A Comparison

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Laptops and desktops have been used in different fields in different ways. It is impossible to conclude strictly that which is the best one. The need and the method of use may differ from person to person. Some may feel laptop is best conversely the other may feel that desktops are best. Before go for one, it is better to compare the features, mode of use and functions. Then select one which suits you cent percent and buy it in a reputed shop by paying the right price.

Comparisons of features


If you want this portable feature in your system, better to go with laptops. You can carry them wherever you want to go. Desktops do not suit for this need of portability.

2. Space

When you want to keep more space for having a system, you can go with desktops. If not so, you can you can buy laptops which needs very little space to keep on the table.

3. Power

If you want to save more power, it is apt to go with desktops. They do not require as much power like the laptops.


Laptops are very portable, light weight and easy to handle. But if any repair occurs it is not easy to replace like desktops. You can get a technical expert near your office for repairing the desktops. But in case of laptops you have to take some pain to get repaired.


As you all know well, the costs of the laptops are higher than the desktops. If you do not have any financial constraint you can buy high end laptops even though they are expensive.

When these are the key factors to consider in buying either a Laptop or Desktop, your choice for one depends on your intention of usage. If you are a frequent business traveller, the portable convenience offered by Laptop cannot be replaced by a desktop, while if you are shopping it just for surfing the net and maintaining house accounts, Desk top is the perfect option. Whatever you choose, it goes with the old saying, you get what you pay for, so analyse your needs and budget before making your decision.

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