Backup Ms Outlook - Professional Look at the Problem

By: Alexander Golishev

With more and more users looking for an effective Outlook backup solution, more different software has appeared on the market claiming to deliver the maximum quality feature set for doing backup of MS Outlook. Though diversity is a good thing, the user may just as easily be mislead or misguided. This article is an attempt to help you choose the MS Outlook backup solution which is best suited for your personal demands.

So you are an Outlook user and need to back up your Outlook data. Before you start doing the software market search, you need to figure out what you are looking for. All backup software can be roughly divided into two categories: home user backup software and professional user backup software. While both can backup MS Outlook, you need to choose the one which suits your personal requirements.

So, if you are a home user and need to back your Outlook messages at home, you will be quite pleased with the basic feature set which includes Outlook backup functionality. Professional software is more expensive and has a more extended backup and restore feature set. It may have some functions that you probably don't need. So why would you bother to pay for them.

So what do you need as a home user? The software should have a special preset for doing backup of MS Outlook. This allows you to back up all your Outlook data with just a few clicks. Then, you would probably want to back up Outlook data on a regular basis, but you don't want to start Outlook copying manually, so make sure the backup software has a backup scheduler which allows setting up a schedule for Outlook backup execution.

Next, you would want to save your Outlook data somewhere, right? The best way is to record your Outlook data to optical disk such as DVD and keep it way from your computer just in case.
So make sure the backup software that you choose has an option of DVD recording.

However, if you need to backup MS Outlook data in an office, you may require professional backup software for this purpose. For best results, the software needs to have the same basic Outlook backup functions such as Outlook backup preset, backup schedule plus some additional professional functionalities such as Outlook compression and encryption, recording Outlook data to remote FTP/SFTP servers, running backups as Windows service mode, backup of Outlook address book, contacts and settings.

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