Trojans Are No Match for Rollback Rx

By: Jacob Henderson

Let us have some insight into PC problems if you do not have rollback software installed. There is nothing worse than having your computer crash on you when you are working hard at completing the most important project you have done so far. You didn't think you would need a disaster recovery solution or have to repair computer problems. All you can think about is doing a good job on your project, when your computer behaves strangely and a lot of pop up windows start appearing. You try to fix computer settings but it doesn't seem to restore your work. What can you do? If it is Trojan spyware, your antivirus might not detect it.

Rollback Rx Software Keeps Your Data Safe

If you have Rollback Rx system restore software installed in your system, you never need worry about losing your data. You can use the snapshot technology to keep taking snapshots of your entire system so that should any of the above problems occur, all you need to do is rollback your pc to a healthy snapshot, without losing any of the data you were working on. Your project is intact. Backing up work is important, but even if you forget, Rollback Rx won't. It is fantastic disaster recovery software that repairs computer problems quickly.

When Rollback Rx system restore software and disaster recovery solution is used to fix computer problems, it rolls back to the snapshot of your choice, and if there was any malware or virus, it discards those in the process, keeping your system free of corruption and the associated damages that occurred after that snapshot. In all this, it retains all the data that you worked on prior to your computer problem or Trojan infection. Maybe you are wondering what you would do if your system crashes so completely that your Windows operating system wont start up. Rollback Rx system restore software is still operational because it installs behind Windows and can restore your pc even in such a situation. The snapshots you take at periodic intervals hold the key. Snapshots can be created in seconds and they don't even occupy much space on your hard disk. They just exist as a map of the system at the sector level.

Safety And Privacy Of Data Assured

Rollback Rx pc restore software comes with certain protection settings that let you see the partitions in your system that are protected by it. You can view the space used by Rollback Rx. You can select the drives on which you want to run Rollback Rx, and repair or fix computer problems by running a maintenance on just the protected drives so that you can make best use of space available on your system.

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