Hookwinking Would-Be Thieves With A Fake Security Camera

By: Lesley Chew

What is the use of a fake security camera? It is probably an excellent solution to your home security system if you do not have the money to install a real security camera in your home. Good home security systems can be really expensive but yet having such a system in place is important if you want to protect your family and your property.

By using a fake security camera, would-be thieves will be tricked and hence deterred as a result of thinking that your home is protected. Thus it is a cost-effective way to keep intruders from robbing your home.

Can You Spot The Fake Camera?
With the advancement of technology, gone are the days of totally obvious phony cameras that can be spotted from a mile away. Now what we have, are fake security cameras appearing much like the high-priced real models which can be placed anywhere just like the real deal! And some better models even include motion sensors which can move if they are "filming" the subject. This will give the illusion of a real security camera even though it is not actually recording or transmitting any video.

All these realistic looking fake cameras probably do not cost more than a hundred dollars. Thus this is a small cost for a peace of mind! Of course, if you are running a business, it is still recommended that you get the real security cameras. For homeowners and parents, this is a cheap but great way to keep your household staff in line and give your home a boost of added protection against intruders.

Any Cons?
Even though fake security cameras can look like the real thing and comes in all sorts of styles, costing only a few measly dollars, they are still fakes! You cannot get any real protection that you will get from police assistance should anything happen.

There are some criminals who are smart and familiar with security cameras. They will be able to identify what is a real camera and what is not. Besides, some of these criminals have been known to study a camera's movement and timing so that they can take advantage of the camera's limits. When that happens, you will not be able to provide proof of who was the person who robbed you.

Thus a fake security camera can never replace the real safety security system which offers much more. However if you really do have a budget constraint, such a fake security system in place is still better than none. At least, the intruders will think twice about breaking in to steal and you and your family can feel slightly better and safer.

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