An iPAQ PDA Cellphone Will Keep You Connected Wherever You Are

By: Ron Hel-Or

An iPAQ PDA cellphone cwill help you combines the convenience of a cellular phone with the versatility and usefulness of an HP PDA. We all know that cell phones are everywhere, but the combination of an iPAQ PDA along with a cellphone will not only give you the ability to keep in touch by phone, but also the ability to wirelessly access the internet, work with your email accounts and even your corporate computer network. This kind of ability turns your iPAQ into a "smartphone" which is the latest trend in the PDA world. It has become apparent in the last years that people are reluctant to walk arounf with a PDA and a cellular phone, and that there is a need to combine them into one integrated device.

The choice of an iPAQ PDA cellphone can greatly cut down on the amount of items the traveling employee needs to cart along on a business trip. Instead of bringing along the laptop computer, the cellphone and the electronic organizer, the smart traveler can combine all of these accessories into one handy package. HP is at the forefront of this technology, and the PDA that is sold today can function as both a wireless computer and a cellphone.

There are many different models of PDA and pocket pc on the market. Since everyone has different priorities and different needs in a personal digital assistant, it is vital to do your research up front and find out exactly what you need. Look at the reviews in the computer magazines and on the internet. Write down a couple of models you like before you head out to your local electronics or computer store.

A good example for a great device is the HP iPAQ 6315 Quad-Band T-Mobile GSM Phone. This device has all the powerful feature of the well known iPAQ, along with a Quad-Band GSM cellular phone. It's Dimensions are 4.68" x 2.95" x 0.73", and it weighs 6.7 oz. So it's a very compact device that gives you the best of both worlds.

It is important to shop around to find the best PDA for your needs. The reviews you find, both on the internet and in computer magazines, can help you find the best personal digital assistant for your needs. There are so many models of PDA on the market today, made by both hp and other manufacturers, that a good objective review is an essential part of the shopping process. Once you have found the perfect PDA cellphone, you will wonder how you ever lived without one.

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