The Best Ways To Maintain Your Speakers

By: Victor Epand

You buy something but you do not maintain it. So, what will happen to the important music gear that you bought? Unless you care for them, they will let you down more often than not; and that too during important music performances.

How to Maintain Your Speakers
Speakers are indispensable parts of your whole music system. Quality speakers have the power to enhance the quality of your sound output considerably. However, quality comes at a price; so when your expensive set of speakers or loudspeakers break down you rue the fact that you have not taken good care of them.

1) Simple Maintenance Guide for Your Speakers

  • Keep them in a place where dust does not get inside the net of the speaker or the interiors. Dust affects the performance a lot. Occasionally use the vacuum cleaner to clean out the dust. You can use the blower to blow away the dust from inside; compressed air is preferable here.
  • Clean them regularly and do not use any liquid cleaners on they might cause damage to the amplifiers.
  • Do not keep them on metals conducive to magnetism; you can use wooden materials to keep them, or any non magnetic one.
  • Do not keep them near any magnetic source; otherwise the inbuilt electromagnet will be damaged.
  • Static electricity is one of the hazards that can affect your electrical systems. Walk across the carpet and then touch your speaker; you might get a burn out. You can use anti static floor mats, spray on anti static chemicals, etc.

2) Technical Maintenance Guide for Your Speakers

  • Heat is one element that you must take care of always. Cheap speakers do not usually come out with a proper thermal design. Keep them away from direct sun rays. If there is a vent hole on the bottom of any speaker, do not keep it blocked. Put it in a place where there is a hole corresponding to the vent hole.
  • Wiring is another essential part of any electronic system. Check the proper plugging procedure and the connection jacks; wrong jacks on wrong channels can blow up your system.
  • Providing adequate ventilation is another way to maintain and increase your speakers' life. You can also keep fans near it to keep it cool at times of heavy performance.
  • Follow all the procedures given in the speakers' maintenance guide manual. Most manuals give detailed instructions, advice and tips on how to enhance the life of the product. Following them properly can help you sort out a number of troubles. 

3) Importance of Power in Speaker Maintenance

You need to keep an uninterrupted power supply and voltage stabilizers to juice up your speakers, in case there is a power blackout, brownouts, lightning storms, and electrical surge.

4) Final Tip on How to Maintain Your Speakers

Do a burn out test.
When you first buy a speaker, keep it running at a stretch for at least 24 hours. Should there be any problem, it will show up during this extended run. This is called the burn out test. This is one test that you need to do before using the speakers. It lets you test the speakers for any manufacturing defects.

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