Do You Have DSL or Cable Internet Service

By: Steve Lee

With the ever changing world of technology there remains one constant. People do not understand all of the terminology when it comes to computers and the internet. At a basketball game I overheard two people discussing their internet and what kind of service they had. One guy said he had a DSL router through his cable company. The other disagreed and said he had high speed internet through the phone company and he thought it was DSL.

Here are a few simple ways to remember what kind of internet service you have if you want to keep you conversation accurate.

1. Many people still have the old slow dial up internet connection. It ties up your phone line and is not the fastest way to be online. Because of where they live this may still be the only option they have.

2. Cable broadband internet comes from the local cable company. You get access to it right through the cable coming into your home. The cable guy will come out to your house and do the installation for you. To do this he splits the connection from your TV to a cable modem box. Then he plugs it into your computer or router.

One benefit of having internet access from your cable company is it doesn't matter how close you live to cable company's office. Wherever you live you will get it at the same speed as everyone else in your neighborhood. One thing that does matter is the number of households subscribing will affect the bandwidth available and at certain times of the day your service will be slower.

3. DSL is short Digital Subscriber Line and is provided by a phone company. You will probably not need an installer to come out to your home to get started. Your phone company will turn on your service and they will send you a DSL modem and DSL router or filters. You can use the phone line you have without ordering another one.

To get connected, you plug one end of a DSL modem into a regular phone jack and the other end into your computer or DSL router. The filters are used to eliminate potential DSL static from phone jacks in which phones are used. These filters fit easily into the phone jacks and then the phone connections are plugged into the filters.

Because you are using your phone line sharing bandwidth with your neighbors is not an issue. However the further away you live from the phone companies office the slower your system will operate.

If you live too far away you may not even be able to get DSL service and would not need a DSL router, modem or filters. You will have to check with your cable company to see what your options are at that point.

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