Asus Versus Dell

By: Eden Ali

Asus G1S-A1 Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 2.2GHz versus Dell Inspiron E1505 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz.

These are two laptop notebooks to compare, Asus versus Dell, but you what, i am certain that if i will go for a laptop computer among the two, count me in for Dell. Lets check this out...

When i bought my Dell Inspiron E1505, it was great. Besides i already knew that Dell laptop notebooks are the best when it comes to gaming performances. I had no doubts about what i was purchasing, because i did a lot of research, before i can up with Dell laptop notebooks.

Now Asus, when it comes to built-quality, and strenght, i love the Asus laptop computer. I have particularly used the Asus G1S-A1, oh my God, you need to see its functionality, it is really cool.

The Asus' processor is way faster than the Dell. It amazes me, but i never give a serious thought about it. Some other things i love about Asus G1S-A1 is its RAM and hard drive space, 160GB, 1024MB, that is way enough for what i need. I am really satisfied that i have all the space in the world to do what i want.

I am about to give you on striking dislike, it has a terrible battery life. When i newly bought it, i used it in watching movies, and after about one movie, it started indicating low power charge, and i was like,what the hell is this. Other than that, i love it. It possesses a memory card reader, and webcam i used to talk to my girlfriend, WLAN, a Bluetooth, and the screen effect is the wonderful. It has a 15.4 inches TFT display, with a brightness that is crystal clear (resolution of 1680x1050), and whenever i get bored of loong at the small screen, i connect it to the TV using its TV-out port, so that i can enjoy my view.

Although, it is also quite heavy for me, around 6.8 lb, but i have derived satisfaction from it.

I can also that between the , i find Dell superb, because it used Windows XP Media Center Editin, whereas the Asus is Windows Vista Home compartible, which is a terrible thing as fas as i am concerned. Although, the spaces of hard also differ, but i have gotten the part where i needed space and i began to delete some things, both of them just seem enough for me. The Dell has some features just like Asus, such as WLAN, 2048MB RAM, 15.4 inch TFT screen, but with a lower resolution.

I am sorry to say that the Dell doesn't have a webcam, so talking to my girlfriend was quite difficult using the laptop computer.

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