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By: F. Wakina

When is started out in business i was not sure that i should go on- line and after a little bit of research i discovered that it was important that i go online i however did not have the money to invest on a website and further still i was not sure that it was going to pay off and like you i was looking for a free online solution to my problems. From those humble beginnings i have learned a lot and would like to share with you on what to do at almost no cost or at a very low cost.
1. The very first place you may want to begin is a blog page.

This is a page assigned to you once you register with a blogging site. These are very good and allow you to really learn the intricacies of the web just like you would except that many are free for example blogger by Google.
2. There are other sites where you can register and you are assigned a sub-domain usually you will be assigned one page where you can introduce yourself and products. They are not as flexible as blogs but will suffice for a startup.
3. You may want to approach a friend who already has a website and share the hosting space however you will be required to register the domain name usually for less that 10$ per year. Most host could take more than one website but the numbers will vary from company to company. Once your business is fully functional you can then move to a your own hosting solution. This is good way as you get to continue using the same domain name and you do not rely on a third party website.
4. Of course the best way is to get your own hosting solution and some companies even offer free domain registration for-ever

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