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By: saswati sen


????????????????????????????? The? idea? of? easy?? and?? finger? tip access? to? information? began? with? the? introduction? of? VANNENAR? Bush's Memex? machine? and? gradually? evolving? with? the? advancement? of? Information? Technology.? With? the? advent? of? computers? , the concept? centered? on? large? bibliographic? databases, the now familiar? online retrieval?? and? public? access? systems? that? are? part? of? any? contemporary? library. When the computers are gradually? networked?? forming? the? internet, the concept evolved? again and the research gradually turned to creating libraries in digital format? and? terms? like? " virtual? library ", "electronic? library ", "library? without? walls"? and? the? most? recent? term? 'digital? library'? have? come. The? rapid? advancements? in? information? processing, storage, and? communication? technologies? have? revolutionized? the? role? of? world? wide? libraries? in? the? disseminating? information? services? to? the? users. The? data?? are? now? being? provided? in? the? digital? format? by? the? librarians.

?????????????????????? According? to? Fox? Digital? library? is? defined? as? " New? way? of? carrying? out? the? functions? of? libraries of libraries? encompassing? new? types? of? information?? resources? new? approaches? to? classification? and? cataloguing,?? intensive? use? of? electronic? systems? and? networks? and? dramatic? shifts? in? intellectual, organizational? and? electronic? practices."

?????????????????????? Some? of? the? common? elements? by? which? a? digital? library? can? be? identified? as? the? most? essentiality? of? today's? world? as? illustrated? by? ARL?? are? :

I)? The? digital? Library? is? not? a?? single? entity;

ii)? The? digital? library? by? requires? technology? to? link? resources? of? many ;

iii)? these? links? are? transparent? to? end? users?? from? an? information? retrieval? point? of? view? , it? is? a? large? database ;

iv) for? library?? science? it ?is? a bold? step? in? the? continuing??? automation? of? libraries? that? began? 25? years? ago;

v) Universal? access? to? the? digital? libraries? and? information? services? in? the? goals;

vi) For? those? working? in? wide- area? information? delivery , it? is? an? application? of?? the?? web ;


The? digital? library? require? digital? technologies? and? is? the? combination? of? traditional? and? media? collection .The? characteristics? have? been ?gleaned? from? various? discussions?? about? digital? libraries? both? online? and? in? print? :

i)? Digital? libraries? are? the? digital? face? of? the? traditional? libraries? that? includes? both? digital collections? and? traditional? ,? fixed?? media? collections.? So? both? electronic? and? paper? materials? get? their? importance.

ii) Digital? libraries? will include? digital? materials? that? exist? outside? the? physical? and? administrative?? bounds? of? any? one? digital? library

iii) Digital ?library? supports? both? formal? and? informal? learning? procedures

iv) Digital??? libraries? will? require? both? the? skill? of? librarians? and? well? as? those? of? computer? scientists? to? be? viable

v) Digital? libraries? ideally? provide? a? coherent? view? of? all? the? information? contained? within? a library? , no? matter? its? form? or? format

vi) Digital? libraries? will? serve? particular? communities? or? constituencies, as traditional? libraries? do? now, though? those?? communities? may ?be? widely? distributed? throughout? the? network.

These? characteristics? are? most? logical? because? it? expands? and? extends? the? traditional? library, preserves? the? valuable? work? that? they? do? , while? integrating? new? technologies , new? processes? and? new? media.


Dr. S.R. Ranganathan??? has? stated? that? Librarianship? is? a? noble? profession in? which? he? derives? the? joy? by? seeing? the? dawn? of? joy? in? the? face? of? the? readers, helped? by? him? to? find? the? right? book? at? the right? time. Now - a -days?? librarians?? equipped? themselves? with the skill? of handling? the? new? technologies. Electronic media like Floppy disk, DVD, CD-ROM?? are? replacing? the?? books? and? Journals . Thus? the? information? literacy? is? a? must? for? the? librarians?? and?? so? the?? library? professionals? are? now? a? days? more? regarded? as? an? Information? Personnel.

The? librarian? must? look? that? these? factors?? must? be? present? in? case? of? a? digital? library:

Collection? of? services? : A? digital? library? is? more? than? just? the? collection? of? material? in? its? repositories.? It? provides? a? variety? of? services? to? all? of? its? users(? both? humans? and? machines? , and? producers, managers? and? consumers? of? information).? There? are? a large? and? varied? set? of? services? like? support? management? of? collections, services? to? provide? replicated? and? reliable? storage , services to aid in query formulation and execution? etc.

The? collection? of? information? objects? :? the? basis? for? a? digital? library however , must? be the formation objects? that? provide? the? content.?? The? information? objects?? are? found? in? collections? with? associated? management? and? support? functions. The? types? of? information? objects? vary? from? traditional? 'documents'? through? to? live? objects? or? dynamic? query? results.


Supporting? users? deal? with? information? objects: The? librarians? must? assist? the? users? by? satisfying? their? needs? and? requirements? for? management, access? ,? storage? and? manipulation? of? the? variety? of? information? stored? in? the? collection? of? material? that? represents? the? 'holdings ' of? the? library.

The? organization? and? presentation? of? those? objects? :A? library? is? created? to? serve? a? community? of? users. Users? who? participate? in? the? digital? library? should? be? aware? of? its? design? and?? be? able? collectively? refine? the? design? to? better ?serve?? their? own? information? needs. Thus? the? usability? of? a? digital? library? depends? on? the? clear??? and? unobtrusive?? exposure? of? the? library's? design, its near? term? goals? and? its? overall objectives.

Available? directly? or? indirectly:? The? information? objects? may? be? digital? objects? or? they? may? be? in? other? media(like? paper) but? represented? in the? library? via? digital? means (? eg. Metadata) . They? may? be? available? directly? over? the? network? (eg. Using? a? query? service? of? the? library? to? find? and? then? retrieve??? electronically? the? information? object)? or? indirectly? (eg.? The? result? of? the? query? may? give? instructions? on? how? to? obtain? the? object? but? that? is? done? outside? the? scope? of? the? library? itself)

Electronic? / digital? availability:? Although? the? objects? may? not? be? even? electronic, and although? the? objects? themselves may not be available directly? over? the? network, the objects? must? be? represented? electronically? in? some? manner? through? eg. Metadata? or? catalogues. Otherwise? that? should not be considered? a? part? of? the? digital? library


To? organize? a digital library? with? all? the? characteristics? mentioned? above? the? library? must? have? the?? professionals? who? have? a? flair? of? moving? out? of? the? traditional? systems? and? cope? up? with? the? modern? advanced? technology. Keeping? in? mind? the? new? challenges? the? information? professionals? can? undergo? short? term? courses,? refresher? courses,? seminars? and? workshops?? which? would? help? them? to? acquire? new? skills? as? networking,? web? based? technologies, searching? of? Electronic? database? CD- ROM,? e-journals. As? with? most? other? technical? developments? in? libraries? over? the? years, we? will? have? to? move? forward? in? small manageable? , evolutionary? steps? rather? than? in? rapid? revolutionary? manner.


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