The Good and the Bad of Online Real Estate Training

By: Trevor Mulholland

Real estate seems to be the new money-maker, the way to get rich fast and easy. Everyone looking for some quick cash can invest in a few courses, get their license and start working. Some people prefer to attend their classes in person, while others take the route of online real estate training. But is online training really all it's cracked up to be?

It may seem very easy at first; after all, what is real estate if not buying and reselling of property? When put in that context, most businessmen should be first-class agents. But if we go deeper into the qualifications needed to be good at real estate, we find that it's not as simple as it looks. For one, you have to be ruthless to succeed, almost to the point of liking to scam people out of their property. It requires a lot of patience to deal with legalities too, not to mention it is hard work and saps a lot of money. Adding to that, a certain amount of hands-on experience is required. Keeping this in mind, would online real estate training really be the best way to learn?

While we can all agree that online learning saves time and is far more flexible and relaxing, the one-on-one experience is lacking. In real estate, you need to get the hang of what is a good deal and what isn't, and this is something that can't be done from a book and definitely not from an online course. It is a risky business, one that could be fatal to your bank account if you are not sure of what you are doing.

One of the many things about online learning that greatly benefit agents is the immense amount of time they save when they have to meet the regulatory requirements for continuing education as laid down by their state. These usually come to light every couple of years, and if the market is hot at that time agents are often unwilling to take away several hours a day to study. In this case, online learning is the right choice, offering them the flexibility that they need.

Does this mean that online real estate training never produces good sales agents? We would have to say no. If a person is born with a natural instinct for the business, it would be just as productive to study online as offline. The extra experience will be gained through trial and error, and added to the original instincts a formidable real estate agent will be born!

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