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Uses of Mobile Phone

By: Ian Ball
Its component is cheap though mobile phone has limited capacity and speed. It is handy in dialing, talking, making video film, e-mailing, sending pictures etc.
Mobile phones are being extensively used by students at all levels, doctors, engineers, service man, jobbers and common man and woman in their day-to-day activities. Today business is next to impossible without a mobile phone. Starting from aviation industry to service sector, the mobile phones are playing an important and vital role.

The use of a mobile phone is not limited to speaking alone it is being used in making video, recording information and transmitting it to a phone or a computer as was being done by a computer. Mobile phone can be connected to a computer to download information from it or vice versa. Other facilities like on line chatting, conferencing, sending text, transferring MMS information by a mobile phone are compatible with a computer.

Mobile phone uses have also taken a lead role in medicine field as well. Now days a Bluetooth protocol of mobile phone is being used to develop a generic and real time Internet telemedicine aid system, which uses very high radio frequency to heal a patient. This type of method of healing a disease has been already tested on several volunteers with satisfactorily results. These tests have been carried out by continuously recording of electrocardiograms (ECGs) of several persons. The system requirement of telemedicine by mobile phone is 96% uptime, a data of 3.3 k bit/s, an error rate of 8.5 × 10-3 packet/s.

In the process of 12 hour of testing an average downtime recorded was 32 min and less than 8% of the failure rate. Medicine science has claimed that mobile phone telemedicine system will give a high reliability and a reasonably good performance, and in future time the design will prove to be a foundation for healing the patients on real time basis with the help of mobile phone.

Mobile phone is not only used for the welfare of humankind but also its misuse has serious effects on our society worldwide. Time and again, there are the reports that mobile phones are being misused by antisocial and miscreant elements to carry out their inhumane activities. Good or bad are the two sides of a coin, but it is up to the users, to make a best use of mobile phone.

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