Banking Restrictions & Terrorism on Global Economy

By: Anne Catherine

The low phases that the global economy is going through in the current times are no more news. The effects have already visible as various economies of the world are facing economic decline in the form of inflation and regression. The very powerful US economy is also reeling under both these economic conditions. Various socio-economic and political conditions have combined to give rise to dismal state of current economic affairs. However, no matter how bad the political, social, or economic condition might be, the countries never lose heart. They never say die and always fight back. Most of the countries are gearing up to utilize options and options and ways in order to bail themselves out of the current economic calamity.

A couple of factors are very essential for an economy to function properly. These are the factors that are considered to be the backbone of any economy. Banking is such an aspect. An economy without the aspect of banking is nothing but a sham, almost laughable. However, banks and banking are things that are not a layman's cup of tea. It is quite a tough task to climb the ladder of success in banking. Only people with special banking skills can make their way to the top-notch positions in banking. And this is true and applicable to all the countries in the world. Banking is also quite tricky to understand. Contrary to what people think, banking is not only about saving and multiplying money, though this is also one of the most important features in banking. Deep within banking is a very complicated and staid profession that can be understood and tackled by the experienced and acumen friendly professionals.

Whenever we talk of a particular profession, we do not think of the profession in entirety. We think of the profession or the line independently. We fail to keep track of the fact that it's the people in the line, the professionals that make the profession and not the other way round. We will think of a profession in entirety only when we also take into account the people engaged in the profession. The same is true in banking also. Banking that is an indelible part of the global economy, is actually controlled by our fellow human beings.

Banking being the backbone of economy, it is natural that the former great extent responsible for the current economic catastrophe to a greater extent. Deviating from the topic bit, I would like to highlight that terrorism is a factor that has very adversely affected banking and in turn also affected the global economy. The banking terms and regulations have tightened beyond cohesive thought. All the countries in the world have revised the banking norms for both the domestic and international companies in order to safeguard their economies from suffering the brunts of terrorist activities. Just the memory of 9/11 makes us recall the disastrous impact that terrorist activities can unleash on the economy in most countries of the world. With a boom in trends like and , the banking terms and conditions have also been revised. The rise in these trends owes a lot to another rising concept of hiring a by the online traders, preferably from outside the country, to avail of best products at cheap prices.

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