Corded Phones Vs Cordless Phones: From Good to Better

By: Jayson Pablo

Everyone knows that telephones have two varieties. The traditional one which is corded and its later version which is cordless. The debate over which is better started as soon as the cordless arrived. People did have complaints that the newer variety, that is cordless, is inferior to corded ones because its receptiveness is inferior. That the voice breaks up and audibility is not up to the mark. Also it cannot be taken too far away from the land line for then already disturbed voice quality becomes even worse.

Though there were praises also that came its way. People said that its altogether a new experience of talking without caring about wires. That you can actually roam around while you talk or talk while you are lazing around etc. It can be said about cordless that despite a few shortcomings it was indeed a hit with masses.

Complains about corded phones are also no less. First of which is the fact that it forces you to sit at a place and talk. People started yearning for a phone which they can keep with themselves all the time so that they don't have to run to receive the calls. People who wanted some privacy looked forward for a set which they can carry with themselves and talk whenever they felt so, away from the gazing eyes of mom and dad.

Thus, as far as debate over the superiority of cordless phones or corded phones are concerned, it can be said that cordless is the new and improved version of telephone which came into existence after all the shortcomings in the corded phones were taken care of and as such it is the improved and updated variety. However, it must be added that cordless is merely the extension of the traditional or the corded phones and therefore they cannot stand in competition with each other.

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