Where to Buy Lexmark Printer Cartridges

By: Amber Scott

Looking for the best place to buy Lexmark printer cartridges? Follow these simple rules:

Make sure they are Lexmark Cartridges

You may see some people selling knock offs of Lexmark Printer cartridges on some internet auction sites. Beware of these because very often they do not work. They look just like Lexmark cartridges, they pop into your printer just like Lexmark printer cartridges but they do not work. You might be attracted by a super low price, but you are not getting anything of value. If the printer cartridge does not work, it is useless. Look for the name brand when you are buying printer cartridges otherwise you are taking a chance of them not working in your printer.

Know your model number

Yes, all Lexmark printer cartridges look alike. They all have the same square body and top. They have color cartridges and black and white. Some printers have photo color cartridges. All of these are made for certain printers. In order to get a printer cartridge for your printer, you have to know the name and number of your printer. Do not get a printer cartridge that looks like it will fit your printer. If you do not know your printer model name and number, wait until you can write it down before you buy printer cartridges. If you get a bargain at the store because printer cartridges are on sale, it will be no bargain if they do not work in your printer.

Shop online

You can generally get a better deal online when it comes to buying Lexmark printer cartridges than you can in any store. As a matter of fact, you can expect to pay at least 50 percent less than what you would pay in the store, especially if you have an older model printer. Because Lexmark printers are built to last, many people have older model printers. The cartridges for these printers that were once priced at $50 are now around $15 at some online outlets, although the prices in the stores have not dropped that dramatically. If you want to get the best value, shop online for Lexmark printer cartridges.

Keep the above tips in mind when you are seeking to purchase Lexmark printer cartridges for your quality Lexmark printer. By shopping carefully and especially by taking advantage of the online prices, you can get the best deals for cartridges for your quality Lexmark printer.

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