Internet Security

By: Kelly Liyakasa

Viruses, spyware, adware, keyloggers, hackers and hijacked browsers. All threaten your computer's security status and new threats are emerging everyday. But before you lose faith in your prized Dimension desktop, remember the importance of Internet security software and how these tools can assist you in regards to forgoing future computer security breaches.

Say you have computer anti-virus and maybe a firewall installed on your PC. Although these can resist nasty strains of online viruses, they aren't enough to protect you from spyware, phishing and other online threats. Industry experts report the growing trend in computer hackers wedging their way around typical anti-virus software as Internet security software combats their attacks.

Many have resorted to transferring Trojan-horses to businesses and through communications devices like email and IM's. reports that your odds of getting a virus or spyware attack can be highly diminished by installing comprehensive internet security tools. One software program they took a look at is Security Shield, which boasts features such as rootkit protection to find even the most discrete worm. This software program also provides free technical support (we know the last thing on your mind is paying $50 an hour when your PC goes haywire.)

As long as we rely on computers for every aspect of life itself, there will be unseen threats and perils lurking around cyberspace, waiting for a chance to target your files. Although installing security tools is wise, they must be updated, so choose a software provider that automatically renews your security software definitions. There are always holes in any form of security, but reduces the chances of nearly any threat.

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