Advantages of Online Meetings

By: Steven Long

With the startling negative changes occurring with our natural environment and climate, we all need to take a stand and make changes in our lives that will help reduce our harmful impact on the planet. This means that businesses as well as individuals need to take significant steps toward creating a healthier environment. Changes that offices can undertake include everything from conserving water and using eco-friendly products to composting and recycling. Also, with new and advanced technologies now available for companies to incorporate into their business operations, there are additional ways in which offices can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and promote the planet's sustainability. One major way in which offices can help the environment is by switching to online meetings.

Online meetings are meetings conducted over the Internet with the help of web conferencing technologies and solutions. In order to participate in an online conference, the only tools necessary are a computer, an Internet connection and a special web conferencing application. By allowing people to connect and communicate effectively online, Internet meetings and collaborations are excellent alternatives to meeting in person. In fact, with the sophistication of today's web conferencing technologies, Internet meetings can be just as interactive and engaging as face-to-face meetings. As a result, even when participants are located in different countries and separated by oceans and thousands of miles, Internet conferences can make geographical distances seemed insignificant and irrelevant.

The way that web conferencing is able to provide businesses with such an effective method for connecting with others in an engaging manner is through its incredible features and versatility. With different solutions and levels of services available to choose from, businesses that choose to take advantage of this innovative form of communication will have a wide range of tools and applications at their fingertips. For example, common features of quality online meeting solutions include streaming media, PowerPoint® presentation capabilities, file sharing, integrated desktop video, instant messaging, whiteboarding and customizable meeting interfaces. With these and many other options available, online meetings can be fully tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of each individual collaboration.

In addition to the long list of available features, web conferencing's versatility is equally as impressive. Online meetings can be used to interact with a variety of different people and to achieve numerous different functions. From team collaborations and sales meetings to large-scale webinars and global product launches, Internet conferences enable better interactions and communications experiences. Online conferencing is also ideal for conducting interviews, providing training sessions and for receiving technical support from skilled and experienced professionals. In short, online meetings are ideal for collaborations and conferences of all different types.

It's because online meetings can be used to replace such a wide range of in-person business encounters that they provide a very significant way for companies to help the environment. In particular, online meetings allow businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by greatly decreasing or even eliminating the need for business travel. When co-workers and clients can communicate just as effectively over the Internet as they can face-to-face in the same location, much of business travel simply becomes unnecessary. By eliminating car rides, plane trips and other forms of transportation from meeting practices, the reduction in carbon emissions is astounding.

For instance, simply by changing an in-person presentation to an online presentation and eliminating just one employee's trip across the Atlantic Ocean, a business can prevent more than 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Rather than requiring a team of new employees from around the country to gather in a single geographical location, providing an online training session gives the company the potential to save more than 20,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. Clearly, when such practices are integrated into a business' operations on a regular basis, the impact can be staggering.

In addition to reduced carbon emissions, businesses that switch to web conferencing can also experience increased satisfaction among their workforces. In today's world, people are increasingly environmentally conscious and many feel far more comfortable participating in greener and more socially acceptable practices. When a company takes real steps toward helping the environment, and especially when those steps involve the direct participation of employees, the workforce tends to be happier and more satisfied with the way that the business is run.

Considering the many benefits provided by Internet conferencing solutions and the important role that online meetings can play in a business' effort to help the environment, more and more companies and corporations are turning to the power of the web to make a difference. With reliable and respected global service providers such as InterCall® helping businesses big and small make the transition to online meetings, such a transformation of business practices can be very smooth and advantageous. While there are many ways in which companies can reduce their negative impact upon the environment, holding online meetings is a great way to take a significant step toward greener business practices.

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