Preventing Password Hackers

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Thanks to the advent of computer technology and the Internet. More computer intruders are boldly coming forward and are looking for ways to attack helpless computer users with valuable information stored in their PCs. Intruders are getting their hands on the latest security measures brought out by various developers and are looking for ways to get through them.

Anti-virus software developers are doing their best to ensure every computer user's safety and security from potential attacks by always updating their virus definitions and cleaning capabilities, as well as strengthening your firewalls. Sometimes however, it is not enough as intruders can be one or more steps ahead. They use various means of attacking computers so it is sometimes hard to tell what they're going to do next.

One of the ways is hacking in order to retrieve your password. Think of the many things they can do once they get your passwords ; they can access any online accounts you may have, access your email to send and retrieve messages from your address, enter secure networks ; the possibilities seem to be limitless. In order to prevent these things from happening, you should have password protection.

The first thing you should do is secure your files and folders by using any password protection software, especially your highly important files and folders which could be potential targets of intruders. If these files are left unprotected, it would be easier for these intruders to get a hold of them and do what they want. Aside from that, other users of your computer (example : your kids) can accidentally move them or even delete them, which can be prevented by password protection.

Hackers and intruders would have an easier time figuring passwords out if they remain the same for a long period of time. It would be better for you if you change passwords regularly, especially for your more important data, for added security. By doing so, the intruders would have to start over again since you have a new password, thus making the possibility of frustrating them greater.

It would also be harder for hackers to figure out your password if you use a number of different characters, especially if it is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols found in your keyboard. Of course, it will be harder for you to remember a combination of these three also, so you have to make sure to memorize the combination, more so if you regularly change passwords.

A useful tip: it is recommended not to use passwords that are codes like your birth date, spouse's name, or other relevant information because it can make deducing your password quicker and easier. These "coded" passwords are often used by a lot of people, particularly in ATM machines and email passwords. By doing this, you are more susceptible to attacks since the password is easier to figure out.

Aside from following these tips which you can do on your own, it would be to your benefit if you obtain a password encryption software. The meaning of encryption is that it disguises the password written in cleartext format into ciphertext, which is a combination of different symbols. Decryption is what the intruders try to do, which is change the ciphertext into cleartext that they can see and understand.

A password encryption software, which is available in the Internet via online purchasing or in your computer software shop, encrypts your passwords in order to discourage intruders and prevent them from accessing your password protected files. Various software come with various levels of security, some of which contain a higher level of encryption than others. Higher encryption levels would make it more difficult for the intruder to break in.

Your PC safety and security is not limited to anti-virus software, anti-spyware software, and firewalls, because the passwords themselves can be targeted by unauthorized people. It would be better for your overall security if you take the necessary precautions and means when it comes to dealing with password protection. Securing your important files and folders with passwords, changing them regularly, using a combination of characters, and encrypting them through a password encryption software, would ensure your safety from password hackers.
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