Stop Greedy Phone Companies - A VoIP Solution

By: Ivanovich Cuxev

Have you changed phone companies time and time again due to high rates and unsatisfactory customer service? More and more phone companies are raising their rates and often hiding extra costs in the fees portion of the bill.

There are so many phone companies out there that you would think by having so much competition that prices would be lower but they aren't. For the local phone companies that have no close competition are the worst of any kind. They know that people need their service so they can get by with charging whatever they want. People have to pay it or not have phone service. Well if you are one of those people that are or have experienced these problems there is a new solution for you , VoIP. VoIp short for Voice over Internet Protocol is the hottest new thing out right now on the Internet.

Everyone that knows about VoIP is using it as well as spreading the word to everyone they know. VoIp works by converting your voice into a digital signal that will carry over the Internet. If you are wanting to call a regular phone number then the signal converts its self into a regular telephone signal before reaching its destination. You can use VoIP to do all your calling for reasonable rates. Unlike phone companies who often charge high rates per minute most VoIP providers only charge a small monthly fee. This would allow you to eliminate the need for one bill a month. With VoIP you can call anywheres in the world or just local.

You decide where you call and how much you want to pay. There are three calling options when using VoIp. You can call by using a VoIp telephone , using a normal telephone with a VoIP adapter or using a computer with speakers and microphone to call. By using VoIP you also can keep working while enjoying your phone call. With some phone companies charging as much as thirty five cents a minute or hundreds for unlimited calling VoIP is the best choice for those who use the phone a lot. Its not only more affordable but its more convenient.

If you are gone a lot and only use your phone when your home why pay so much for something you barely need. VoIP is the modern technology that is a must have for anyone that has a computer. Whether you just enjoy chatting on the phone or if you use it for business, VoIP is for you.

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