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My Fear Of Travelling By Aeroplane

By: Steve Hill
This article is all about the fear of flying in aeroplanes. If you have this fear or phobia, you are not alone. I myself do not exactly enjoy the experience and it was not until I was eighteen years of age that I managed to pluck up enough courage to travel by air. I hope you enjoy the read.

Personally, I like to be in control of whatever I do. I stay away from any danger and have never been one for things like roller-coasters. I do not need that particular thrill to rock my boat. Some people call me a wimp, which is probably correct. The thought of travelling by air therefore did not exactly excite me, I have to admit it scared the living daylights out of me. When I drive a car I have an element of control, if the aircraft crashes for whatever reason, my life could be over. I am not the pilot, I am unable to observe any servicing to the aircraft and I do not know its history.

Like most people, I had read that air travel is by far and way the safest form of travel. Guess what, I don't care, I still would rather drive.

There has been a recent television series called Lost. I thought it was a superb program and I have watched every episode. It did not help my phobia of flying though.

Due to the popularity of Lost, there has since been a lot of newspaper articles with people describing how they survived an aeroplane crash. I wish I had never read their stories as I can only imagine the fear and terror they must have been through.

During my last plane journey, as the aircraft was taking off an amusing thing happened to me. The take off and landing are always the worst aspects of the whole experience for me, and this is where I am at my most scared. We we travelling down the runway, gathering speed, I gripped the armrest tightly, hoping that would help and thankfully the plane rose into the air. The person in the seat next to me then asked if he could have his hand back. I had not been gripping the armrest but had been gripping his hand. I said sorry and continued to be brave.

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