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7 Must Haves For A Beach Vacation Wardrobe

By: Janice Wee

When you go for a beach vacation, the last thing you would want is to lug around tonnes of clothes. You can travel light when you go for a beach holiday, or anywhere warm. A capsule wardrobe of just 7 lightweight items are all you need, to stay chic throughout your holiday. Bring some detergent so you can wash each day's clothes after wearing it, and you should have enough to last through a long holiday.

With some clever coordination, 7 key items get you a myriad of looks. You look chic by the beach or in the restaurant. That capsule wardrobe goes a long way. The trick is to pick tops that go with all the bottoms in your travel wardrobe. Do that through your color scheme.

First of all, pick your color scheme. What colors look best on you. Pick 2 or 3 colors that make you look really good, and which go really well with one another. If you are uncertain, you could stick to just black and white, or a bright color and black. As long as all your tops and bottoms are within your color scheme, you can mix and match the tops and bottoms in your travel wardrobe easily.

Now for the 7 items.

1. Your swimwear.
This is where your beach wardrobe begins. You can match your swimwear with your skirts for new looks as you go from the beach, to the bar for a drink. That swim suit can double up as a body suit. A bikini top could double up as a midriff baring halter top. Choose carefully though. If you have a tummy, a one piece swimsuit that holds in your waist would minimize the problem. On the other hand, a string bikini would be really sexy on a good figure. Your swimwear something you should go to the mall to try on yourself. Pick one that looks best on you. Check your reflection in the mirrors, from all angles. Don't trust the salesgirl. See for yourself. Or get a pal you can trust for her opinion. This swimsuit or bikini is going to be worn with your skirts as well, so pick something in a neutral color, like black or white. You could also pick one in a color or print that would match the skirts you bring on that holiday.

2. A lightweight, yet gorgeous dress
A dress that you can easily roll up and pack into your bag. Ideally, it should emerge wrinkle free when you are ready to wear it. Or you could always hang it up in the bathroom when you take a hot shower, to let the steam smoothen the wrinkles in it. This is especially useful if you might end up going to a fancy restaurant for a meal, or an impromptu dinner date.

3. A sexy top that flatters your body
If you have nice arms, a tank top, a strappy top or any top that is sleeveless would show off your arms beautifully. If not, go for cap sleeves or a long sleeve top that shows a little cleavage.

4. A babydoll t-shirt
The babydoll cut flatters the female body. Especially when worn as a top. It emphasises the bust, skims and slims the waist. It is feminine, but never tarty.

5. A wrap skirt
This should match with your top, your t-shirt and your swimsuit to create different looks. After a swim, put on the wrap skirt over your bikini or swim suit, and go for a drink.

6. A ultra short mini skirt 
Extremely important to raise temperatures.  An ultra short mini skirt is perfect for an ultra sexy look. Again, this can be matched with your swimsuit, top and babydoll t-shirt for 3 more new looks.

7. High Heel Sandals
A pair of high heel sandals that is pretty enough for the restaurants in the resort. If it is too cumbersome to wear on the beach, you can always go around barefoot. Just make sure you get a pretty pedicure (and manicure) to show off on the beach. A pair of metallic gold or silver toned sandals would be glamorous, and go well with everything.

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