Who Is The Highest Rated Satellite TV Company?

By: David Johnson

Currently in the United States there are two main companies that are

?competing againsteach other for your business including Direct TV and Dish Network. Every yeareach of the two companies manages to rake in more and more customers, and theredoesn’t seem to be a decrease in sales any time soon. You will find that bothcompanies are offering their customers a massive variety of services,equipment, and additional programming, making it easy for you to find exactlywhat you are looking for.

Some may find that the massive selection is confusing, butonce you

?know what it is youwant it is easy to decide which company and package is best for you. There aremany people who are basing their decision largely on the cost of service andequipment because they are on a budget. Luckily for these people Direct TV andDish Network both offer their customers packages that are specially designedfor them.

You can start by comparing Dish Network with Direct TV. Youwill find that both of these companies offer one hundred percent digital soundand video for the clearest TV entertainment around. They have to be doingsomething right because they both manage to rake in hundreds of thousands ofnew customers each and every year. In fact they each have more than ten millionsatisfied subscribers, and counting!

After you consider the cost of service, the next thing thatyou must consider is the different programming options that are availablethrough each company. Both of these major companies offer a massive amount ofchannels including many of your favorite local channels. Those who are in tosports will want to look closely at Direct TV as they have basically dominatedthe entire sports programming industry, including cable companies. With DirectTV you can choose from popular programming options such as NBA League, NYYankee Games, NFL Sunday Ticket, NHL Center Ice, and the MLB Extra Innings.

Those who are looking for a larger range of foreign languageprogramming should consider going with Dish Network. They are now offering thelargest number of foreign language programming in International languages, morethan any other company in the industry. All of the different foreign languagepackages include many English channels to help those from other countries learnEnglish easier.

If you go with Direct TV you are able to get service in anyarea of

?Americaas long as you don’t live in Albuquerque,Grand Rapids, Honolulu,and Oklahoma City. With moreresearch you will find that Dish Network is available anywhere in Americaexcept for Baltimore, Columbus,Las Vegas, Memphis,and Milwaukee. This alone may be adetermining factor for many people.

Direct TV and Dish Network have both been so successful thatthey have no expanded their services to include a DSL Internet connection. DSLis so much faster at download times and surfing pages than traditional dial-upFeature Articles,so when you upgrade to DSL there is no way you can go back to the old slowversion.

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