Which is the Best Keurig Coffee Maker Model for you?

By: Yogi Shinde
All the Keurig coffee maker also make Teas and Hot chocolate along withthe coffees, so you need not worry on that aspect.And with the varietyof 150+ different K-cups to choose from,and even then if you don't findone for your taste bud add your own coffee, a Keurig coffee maker canjust be what you wanted for that perfect cup of coffee for you.But fromthe different models to choose from based on their technicaldescriptions of the features describing these models it can be a bitdifficult to make up your mind on which model is the right one foryou.So if its a Keurig coffee maker model which has caught yourattention, here are some details which can be useful in helping youdecide the right model for you.Here are a few questions you need toanswer before you make your purchase of your home coffee makerHow many choices do you need in different cup sizes?TheKeurig Elite B40 has 2 cup sizes to choose from - 7.25 oz and 9.25 oz,the Keurig B60 offers you a choice of 3 - 5.25 oz, 7.25 oz and 9.25 ozwhere as the big brother of these two, the Keurig platinum B70 offers 4- 5.25 oz, 7.25 oz, 9.25 oz and 11.25 oz.So if you like a large cup ofcoffee, a coffee maker which can fill in your cup can be a feature youmay like in your machine.

Again, if you like your coffee strong, itsthe smaller size cups that can give you a strong cup of coffee.So thecoffee machines with the larger cup size are not what will make adifference for you.How many cups of coffee do you need?Doyou need a larger capacity? The Keurig B40 and the B60 models come witha 48 oz removable reservoir whereas if you need larger capacity waterreservoir, go for the Keurig B70 with a 60 oz capacity.So depending onthe cup size you choose, the 60 oz will let you have more time and morecups between filling the water reservoir.The B70 can be quite good ifyou love to entertain aswell, again removes the hard work of fillingthe water reservoir after every few cups.How important is the programmable function for you?TheB60 and B70 come with a nice looking programmable LCD screen which canbe? good feature to have in a machine, as it informs you of quite a fewthings like when the machine is ready for a brew or when the waterreservoir needs filling up.Also, if you like a large cup of coffeeFind Article, theB60 and B70 even lets you programme and set your default cupsize.These are a few points you might like to consider before making your final purchase.

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