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A Simple Diet For Weight Loss & How To Lose Fat Fast

By: Rebecca Welch

With the obesity rate at a shocking all time high, the need for nutritional know how and a simple diet for weight loss has never been more serious. Most folks have become accustomed to instant gratification and everyone wants to know how to lose fat fast. While the expectation of instant weight loss is unrealistic, there are habits you can adopt to help lose fat fast.

A simple diet for weight loss is what most people need. The plan should be easy, nutritionally balanced and effective at forcing the body to convert excess body fat to energy. Below is a simple plan for weight loss based on 6 small meals per day to keep your metabolism properly elevated. This diet may be carefully adjusted for variety so that boredom doesn't trigger a binge on unhealthy foods.

  • Breakfast
    1 portion of lean protein.
    This may be 4 to 6 scrambled egg whites or 1 serving of low fat or fat free dairy such as milk,cottage cheese, yogurt or cheese cubes, or 4 ounces of lean meat such as chicken or turkey breast. Vegetarians and vegans may substitute a serving of high protein soy products.

    1 portion of fruit OR 1 portion of complex carbohydrates.
    This may be any kind of medium sized piece of fresh fruit. Other carbohydrate options may also be 1 serving of brown rice, oatmeal, or high fiber, whole grain cereal. Portions size is generally limited to one-half to one cup. Always read labels for serving sizes. (No hash browns or French fries please.)

    Unlimited amounts of non-starchy vegetables.
    Vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms and all greens may be eaten freely throughout the day. Vinegar or fat free dressing may be used to enhance taste.

  • Mid-morning snack
    1 medium sized piece of fresh fruit.
    One ounce of raw nuts. (One ounce is about one-fourth cup.) Walnuts, pumpkin seeds and almonds pack the most nutritional punch. One or two tablespoons of natural peanut butter may be substituted occasionally for variety, but do not purchase commercial peanut butters due to the unhealthy hydrogenated oil content.
  • Lunch
    1 portion of lean protein.
    This could be 1 serving of low fat or fat free dairy such as cottage cheese, yogurt or cheese cubes, or 4 ounces of lean meat such as lean cuts of beef, chicken or turkey breast. Rotate your choices often to avoid boredom.

    1 medium sized piece of fresh fruit. Do not eat canned fruit due to the high sugar content and low fiber. Fresh fruit is always the best option and frozen fruit without added sugar should the the second option.

    1 portion of complex carbohydrates.
    Carbohydrate choices for this meal may be one-half to one cup of brown rice or whole grain pasta. Other options could be 1 small to medium sized baked potato or sweet potato. (Hold the butter, sour cream and other fattening goodies! They contain too many calories for our weight loss purposes.)
    Non-starchy vegetables may be eaten freely as long as they are not smothered in high fat dressings or sauces.

  • Mid-afternoon snack:
    1 portion of lean protein.
    Any of the protein choices above may be used here.
    Any size portion of non-starchy vegetable. Fat free dressings may be used, but limit portion size to 2 servings.

  • Dinner
    2 portions of lean protein. Any of the above choices would work well.
    Unlimited amounts of non-starchy vegetables. Good vegetable choices would be broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, or mixed green salads. Season them with herbs, spices, lemon juice or a touch of sea salt. Avoid butter, margarine or creamy sauces since they add a significant amount of calories and little nutritional value.

This simple diet for weight loss may be used until your goal weight is reached. If you find at any time that you do not lose fat fast, 1 to 2 pounds per week, simply increase the amount of exercise you get each day. To break a stubborn plateau, you may also need to cut the amount of carbohydrates and fruit in half and increase consumption of non-starchy vegetables. Do not decrease protein portions. We want to lose fat fast. We don't want to lose muscle.

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