Apple Computer : A New Trend Setter in Computer World

By: Harry Johnson

11th July 2006,Apple Computer, Inc. is an American computer technology corporation, has been a major player in the evolution of personal computing since its founding in 1976

Apple develops, sells, and supports a series of personal computers, portable media players, computer software, and computer hardware accessories. The company's most well-known products are the Apple Macintosh line of personal computers, the iPod portable music player, and the iTunes media player.

Apple introduced the Lisa, the first commercial personal computer to employ a graphical user interface, which was influenced in part by the Xerox Alto.

In 1984, the Macintosh (commonly called the "Mac") was introduced, furthering the concepts of a user-friendly graphical user interface, and also introducing the mouse for the first time in a personal computer.

In 1991, Apple introduced the PowerBook line of portable computers, establishing the modern ergonomic form and design that has since become ubiquitous in the portable market.

In the 2000s, Apple expanded their focus on software to include professional and prosumer video, music, and photo production solutions, with a view to promoting their computers as a "digital hub". It also introduced iPod, a portable digital music player which has become the most popular player on the market.

Apple branched out into consumer electronics. One example of this product diversification was the Apple QuickTake digital camera, one of the first digital cameras ever brought to the consumer market.

Apple surprised its loyalists by allying with its long-time competitor IBM and CPU maker Motorola in the so-called AIM alliance. This was a bid to create a new computing platform (the PowerPC Reference Platform or PReP) which would use IBM and Motorola hardware coupled with Apple's software. As the first step toward launching the PReP platform, Apple started the Power Macintosh line in 1994, using IBM's PowerPC processor. This processor utilized RISC architecture.

Apple introduced a new all-in-one Macintosh reminiscent of the original Macintosh 128K: the iMac. it featured an innovative new translucent plastic exterior, originally in white and Bondi Blue, but later many other colors. The iMac proved phenomenally successful.

Apple purchased the Final Cut software from Macromedia, beginning their entry into the digital video editing market. IMovie was released in 1999 for consumers, and Final Cut Pro, a significant video editing program was released for professionals in the same year.

In later, Apple introduced Mac OS X, the operating system based on NeXT's OPENSTEP and BSD Unix.

On now days, apple releases its first Intel chip computer, a new note book computer known as the MacBook Pro and a new iMac.

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