Tips for The Perfect Family Vacation

By: Dwyght Prander

Arkansas is a state that is now known as a family-friendly vacation destination. But there is probably a lot about Arkansas that you don't know. Whether you prefer the outdoors or indoors, or if you have a taste for galleries and theatres, there is something for everyone.

Did you know that Arkansas is called the 'natural state'? For one, there are over 600,000 acres of beaches, where you can swim, boat, water ski, parasail, fish, scuba dive or even take a trip on a house boat. There are numerous lakes and each is uniquely Arkansan.

If you have a preference for high altitudes, there are many picturesque hills and mountains in Arkansas that are perfect for hiking, camping, or just driving through. When it comes to various types of terrain Arkansas has it all. You should also be sure to check out the many caves and underground caverns that can be found all over Arkansas . There is spectacular scenery and natural wonders throughout the state.

Arkansas boasts of many world class golf courses. Golf as a vacationer's activity is promoted through attractive vacation packages. The undulating landscape of Arkansas offers beautiful scenic courses to enjoy nine or eighteen holes of golf.

For a visitor, the demands of a taxing golf course are a must for any serious golfer.

Arkansas has a very rich legacy of civil war battlefields and American history. Art and history buffs can spend days soaking in the offerings of numerous museums and historic heritage sites.

If you would like to enjoy life as the locals know it, check out some of the many festivals that take place each year in Arkansas . The harvest is very important to the people of Arkansas and this is apparent in their many festivals that centre around this event. Some of these festivals include watermelon, peach, and tomato festivals. There are also festivals that feature delicious foods such as steak, chilli con carne, and even Greek food. If you enjoy culinary delights then Arkansas ' many food-related festivals will definitely satisfy you.

There are also a number of music festivals that take place in Arkansas . The King Biscuit Blues Festival is a fabulous outdoor festival and is one of the largest in all of the United States . You can enjoy several days of world class blues music from all around the world. If blues isn't your thing, there are music festivals that feature rock and roll, jazz, classical, and even opera.

Some people would rather dine in a five-star eatery than eat chili at a cookout. Throughout Arkansas you will find many restaurants, and at least one of them is sure to satisfy your particular cravings. Naturally, many of them feature southern cooking, but you can easily find everything from Asian fusion to Russian meals.

After all this fun you may be ready for a couple of relaxing days. Arkansas has plenty of spas to ensure you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Some of the spa resorts offer great packages where you can be pampered like royalty. Spend a day getting massages, facials, or even attend a yoga class just for a new experience.

The state offers something for everyone. Whether it is the fabulous luxury spas, the excellent restaurants, or the breathtakingly magnificent scenery, Arkansas is now one of the foremost family vacation spots in the United States .

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