Starting On A Diet

By: Zachary Thompson

It's no secret that the key to a healthy life is an adequately balanced diet. Keeping an unhealthy, unbalanced diet leads to several disorders, the most frequent of which is obesity.

As you may know if you already tried one or more diets, the first couple of weeks are the hardest; starting a new diet on the wrong foot may not only be useless, but it may also lead you to eat even worse than before.

Here are some tips that will help you start a new diet and successfully keep following it.

Don't even try a new diet without asking a professional: Although some diets are often advertised as very effective and very fast ways to lose weight, keep in mind that every body is different from each other, and consequently so are their needs. Always ask your physician or nutrition professional about which diet suits you best, for he will always look for your wellness above all. After checking certain things like your lifestyle, your ideal desired weight and the overall health status of your body, he will be able to carefully plan a step by step diet for you, based on your body's actual needs.

If you think a diet plan you saw somewhere may be useful, show it to a professional and ask him to make any changes necessary to make it fit you. For instance, if you see “Angelina Jolie's new amazing diet" on a magazine and you think it may be useful for you, get a professional to evaluate it first. Chances are that the perfect diet for some people is harmful for others. Besides, a diet that is too hard will end up frustrating you, and a diet that is too easy will be quite ineffective.

Complement your diet with physical activity: Unless you have a very physically active lifestyle, obesity is not the effect of consuming an excessive amount of lipids, but of accumulating them. The key is to burn that fat as well as reducing its consumption: both must be done together. The best way to get rid of that excess of undesired fat is to complement a healthy diet with everyday exercising. A daily walk, playing a sport or doing aerobics may be suitable companions for your diet. But, again, ask your physician or professional personal trainer, he will tell you the right amount of physical effort your body can sustain, and set a plan to make it fun and useful for you.

Avoid temptations:

When you have just started on a diet, it may be hard to follow it. That is because your body is used to eat disorderly, and it takes some time to get rid of that habit. It is a good thing to keep all that “forbidden" food out of your fridge, at least until your body gets used to your new eating habits and you are fully confident in being able to have access to that food and yet not take it. Let's be realistic; it is way harder to get on a diet if you have that piece of chocolate cake in your kitchen!

Get busy:

Try to find a hobby or activity that keeps your mind away from food, especially at the beginning of a diet. Reading is a good activity to accomplish this, because it's fun, useful and a great way to get the time flying until dinner time.

These are just simple tips, but I hope they prove to be beneficial for you. Good luck on your new, healthy life!

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