Advantage of Using Find PDF Tools

By: Sam Miller

In order to find PDF files easily, the current version of an Adobe Reader program needs to be installed in a user's computer hard drive.

PDF is actually an acronym of the words, Portable Document Format, a file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993. This file format was designed to regulate faster and easier exchange of documents. A PDF file contains complete description and characteristics of a two-dimensional document, including its fonts, images, vector graphics, and texts. Unlike other file formats like HTML, the code used in creating web pages and JPEGS, the PDF file format is able to retain the original presentation and formatting of documents. Aside from retaining original file attributes, these files can be accessed through any Unix, Macintosh, or Microsoft computer operating systems. The reception of the public towards this file format was initially lukewarm. This might have been because the PDF creation tools as well as printing and viewing software at the time of its launch had to be purchased by users. Moreover, earlier PDF versions could not be used for Internet purposes because the file format did not support external hyperlinks.

Soon, Adobe Systems distributed the Acrobat Reader program for free to enable users to read and use PDF files without having to spend much. Since 1993, the Acrobat program has had eight versions. This program is a stand-alone application that users can use to be able to open, search, view, and print PDF files made through the Adobe LiveCycle and Adobe Acrobat software. Also, users will be able to save files linked to PDF documents like spreadsheets, digital audio files, videos, word processing documents, and other file formats through the Adobe Reader. Presently, more than 500 million copies of the said program have been distributed in 26 different languages and 23 platforms.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader program can easily be downloaded by clicking the Adobe icon. This program is then saved in the hard drive or in a temporarily file, whichever the user will find easier to find. The Adobe Acrobat program will help users manage their PDF files well. Furthermore, PDF use can be made even more convenient by using special utility tools for PDF searches. A PDF search assistant program is useful, especially when users want to search text in PDF files that are stored in local hard disks, computer networks, and archives. These tools can help users find information from PDF files through a quick full-text search. They typically use filters that search through file dates, file attributes, file types, and file sizes of PDF files. These search tools may also give users a preview of the PDF files so that users will not waste time opening each available PDF file. With the preview feature, a small section of the PDF file found will be displayed. Once desired search results have already been obtained, the found PDF files may be copied or moved from the folder for search results to another. Truly, find PDF tools will make things easier and quicker for users.

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