Taking Control of Your Weight

By: Keith MacLean

struggle for weight control is an ongoing one for millions of people. With new diet fads coming out every day and the latest pill or product promising to get the weight off and keep it off, the paths to seem endless. But are the methods of weight loss really the best methods of long term weight control? And what if the and shakes and restrictive diets do nothing for you? you can't stick to them, after all, they won't work, and too many diets expect way too much from people.

You may be thinking that you have tried the methods there to try. Hopefully, you have also tried sensible eating of a balanced diet and regular exercise.

But for many people, while this is a great lifestyle, the energy it takes to work five or six times a week and the discipline it takes to stay on a restrictive meal plan may be more than most people can muster.

So what is a long term answer that won't leave you feeling disappointed with your performance and discouraged with your results? For years, experts in the field of mind-body science have pushed the benefits of and keeping it off. The fact is, you mind is the most powerful tool for change that you have.

Unfortunately, for most people struggling with weight control, their minds seem like their worst enemies. From food cravings and fantasies to stress and emotional needs, the mind can trigger chemical reactions in us that seem to only be soothed by food. And cravings seem overwhelming in the moment, giving most people the excuse to eat the very things that lead to more cravings.

There is no quick way to change these thought processes, but there is a steady and sure way that many people have found to reduce their cravings and see a marked improvement in their ability to eat what they know is for them rather than what seems good in the moment. Through , you can actually change the way your mind thinks about food and in the process, change the way your body looks and feels.

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