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Travel Europe Cheap

By: Podo

Let just say, that you need to travel from USA to EU within 3 weeks.
Your starting point Florida - destination Bratislava, capital of Slovakia - EU, 40 miles east from Vienna - it makes things little bit harder.
Well let me see....

Miami International - New York JFK - 17th January - AA - American airlines- 113$

New York JFK - Dublin - 17th January - Aer Lingus airlines- 190.50$

Dublin - Bratislava - 19th January - Sky Europe airlines- 20$!!!

All together - 323.50$ for one way ticket from the Miami international airport to hard to reach eastern European city.

All prices are final - including taxes and airport fees.

Searching time:12 minutes
Booking time: 25 minutes


Orbitz - 2 stops - 18th of January - 1160$ /one way of course/ - 2 stops - 18th of January- 563$ - 2 stops - 18th January - 868$

So spend a little time on the net - it's simply worth it!!!! There are plenty of low cost airlines which can save you hundreds of dollars. You don't need to pay these horrible intercontinental prices anymore.

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