Is Man-Made Beauty For You?

By: Cynthia Rowland

Growing old gracefully is passé. Rather than accepting those fine lines and wrinkles or drab gray hairs, many boomers and zoomers have decided to fight aging until they have gasped their last breath.

The question is: Has man-made beauty gone too far? Is the search for the Fountain all in vain? At the end of the day, is anyone satisfied with their face? Has the medicalization of beauty produced scary looking faces that has you concerned that you could be one of them?

Fighting the look of the aging face is a multi-billion dollar business and there are many components vying for the almighty dollar. Almost $10 billion in revenue is made a year in the US plastic surgery industry while the US skin care and colour cosmetic industry adds billions more.

Did you know that injections and surgeries, lotions and potions do not actually stop the cause of aging? Rather, skin care products, injectables, even surgeries must be repeated over and over again. Skin care and injected materials are absorbed into the body and then filtered through not only the liver but the kidneys as well.

The continued downward slide of sagging facial muscles may mean that a surgical face lift is in your future. This procedure will involve cutting healthy tissue and re-cutting again in less than ten years to maintain the look.

Does this mean that the face will forever be assaulted if one opts for looking younger for the rest of their life? I think so because big pharma is not going to stop creating synthetic substances for physicians to inject into faces.

And surgeons, after all, cut and suture.

The tabloids frequently portray actresses with their over-inflated lips and wind swept, no contour, surgically altered faces. Some tabloids even post laments and quotes from those actresses who rue the day they allowed someone to cut on their beautiful faces. 'I'm hating that I did that to my mouth . . . I just want the mouth God gave me back. It was perfectly cute and I had nice big lips . . .' Too late for her. Once a face is cut or injected it will never look the same.

Fooling around with your God given good looks has reached epidemic proportions and for celebrities, maybe surgery and injections seem like the logical solution to keep looking fit in front of the camera but extreme measures are not needed to maintain a youthful looking face.

Hidden facial muscles droop from disuse and gravity; this makes your face look misshapen, even old. In fact, when facial muscles lose their firmness, the downward sagging affects your skin as folds, creases, pouches and wrinkles form.

What works to keep your face, including upper eyes, jowls, pouches and more, in tip-top shape is a regime of facial exercise using resistance and contraction.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it is not. Just as exercise sculpts and reshapes arm, torso and leg muscles, the same type of exercise can contour and lift the face.

These exercises require the use of your fingers and thumbs in white cotton gloves that hold and anchor the very small facial muscles. The act of anchoring these muscles that attach to bone on one end allows a contraction to be made. This action plumps the muscles that support your skin so it drapes more naturally over your features.

Rest assured that isometric and contraction exercise will give you a younger looking face.

You only need to exercise a few minutes each day to achieve results and in just days, you will notice that your face looks refreshed, revitalized, tighter and younger.

Imagine the confidence you will feel when people notice your new face, the face you thought was gone forever and the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself!

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