Samsung X820 - Sleek, Slim Mobile Style

By: Alice Erin

The way we communicate has changed irrevocably and for the better with the advent of mobile phones. As of now, we can remain connected irrespective of the place where we are in. Moreover, we can use some of the latest mobile phones as digital cameras, as music players as well as video recorders. We can carry the light and easy-to-use gadgets with us, wherever we go and cater to our communication and entertainment needs. As a matter of fact, sleek and stylish looks of a mobile phone is as important as its sophisticated capabilities. The Samsung x820 can be taken as a case in point.

The Samsung x820 is one of the slimmest mobile phones in the world. The handset comes with a profile of 6.9 mm and is easy to carry as well as use. The sleek looks of this innovative device makes it all the more attractive among fashion conscious users who want handsets as much for showing off as for anything else. Made of fiber-glass infused plastic, the Samsung x820 is also highly durable.

The different features of the Samsung x820 make it indispensable both for business as well as pleasure.

A document viewer, TV-output function, a horizontal wide screen and functional keypad make sure that you are ready to deal with all your work related issues, even when you are on the move. You can view important files and documents on the handset and can also enjoy doing so on the wide screen of the Samsung x820 .

And when you are tired, you can relax your mind by listening to music of your choice in the integrated music player. The megapixel digital camera with its sophisticated imaging capabilities is also another option that you could explore. With 80 MB of memory, the Samsung x820 mobile phone comes with enough space to store all the images, files and video clips. The Bluetooth compatible Samsung x820 can also be used for connecting wirelessly with other compatible devices and gadgets.

Samsung x820

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