Ayurvedic Treatments For Arthritis: Old Is New

By: Rayaz Siddiqi

Sometimes what modern man considered the “old ways" of healing have a way of coming round to be known as the “new way“. Such is the case with Ayurvedic Medicine Treatments for Arthritis. Based on ancient Brahmin Indian treatments 3,000 to 4,000 years old, this holistic approach to helping sufferers coping with arthritis is enjoying a re-found popularity. The World Health Organization agrees that Ayurvedic treatment is a useful traditional health science.

As with other holistic systems of healing, Ayurveda recognizes that all people are unique and thus, even though they may evince the same outward symptoms, the path to their healing differs. This means the remedy for your arthritis pains and suffering is different than those of your neighbor or friend. Several recent studies in the United States , India and elsewhere have confirmed Ayurvedic treatments as a means to natural arthritic pain relief.

The American College of Rheumatology conducted a double-blind test trial of 90 people with osteoarthritis. The study showed 50 percent of the patients who took a combination of tumeric, frankincense (Boswellia) ginger and ashwagandha had significant improvements with pain relief as well as mobility.

In contrast, only 20 percent of their placebo group reported any arthritis pain relief.

In another double-blind study of 182 people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, the use of the same anti-inflammatory herbs brought about “marked improvement" in pain relief, reduction of stiffness and the severity of swollen joints and brought improvement in their overall ability to function.

A study in India considered the results of the combining of frankincense, tumeric, zinc and ashwagandha as natural arthritic pain relief. Though the herbs have some medicinal powers on their own for the treatment of arthritis and other joint pain, Ayurvedic medicine has found combining them for better results.

In the 1991 study, 42 osteoarthritis sufferers who were treated with the Ayurveda herbs in concert showed “a significant reduction in pain and disability". Although researchers say it can take up to a month for Ayurveda herb usage to produce positive results, the effects of the herb use for arthritis pain relief can last for several years without the need to increase dosage!

To help you heal without the addition of more medication, which may bring with them their own complications, requires more than popping yet another pill. It requires attention to the mind and body. Both medically-trained physicians and Ayurvedic practitioners agree a holistic approach to the treatment of Arthritis is apt to bring about the best and longest-lasting results.

To help assist your natural arthritis pain relief, in addition to Ayurvedic treatments, it's also imperative to work at improving your lifestyle habits and practices. Here are some examples:

  • Add meditation and occasional fasting to your Ayurvedic routine
  • Exercise often - but avoid those that cause you pain. Start and progress slowly, but do it daily.
  • Reduce caffeine intake
  • Don't' smoke. If you do, quit - if necessary, recall American humorist Mark Twain's advice, “Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window…but coaxed downstairs a step at a time."
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety using simple breathing techniques and physical exercise.
Your arthritis can be managed through natural pain relief by using ayurvedic treatment. You won't know until you try. Why suffer any longer?

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