The Majestic Samsung Armani Phone

By: Raina Kelsey

The Samsung Armani with its awe-inspiring looks and features, cascade into the mind of its viewers for its extraordinary potential and undeniable possibilities of great performance. The phone has connectivity alternatives that bring the whole world of entertainment and communication to the users - to be accessed at the click of buttons.

Just below the touch screen is the keypad that comes with some amazing soft buttons. The touch screen itself serves the function of the keypad as the menu icons openly lay displayed on the screen. One just has to touch these icons in order to start a new function. There are also some control buttons that are placed just below the touch screen. With the presence of these buttons, every action is simplified as the users can now send messages, listen to music, play games and navigate from one icon to another with ease.

The Cheap Samsung Phone is fitted with a 3.15 MP camera that gives a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. The pictures that one captures with this camera are crystal clear. The videos are also recorded with clear image resolution that paves the way for storing of all special moments of life with a proactive zeal. The phone is good for entertainment as there is a music player that can play music on formats such as MP3, ACC, ACC+. So, one remains entertained with his favorite songs while traveling to offices or universities.

Connectivity in the Samsung Armani is enhanced by GPRS, EDGE Bluetooth and USB port. It is thus possible to wirelessly transfer files using Bluetooth while one can also make use of cable cord to transfer pictures and videos to a desktop or a laptop computer. The memory of the handset is also large and the user can store files in its 60 MB memory. The battery of the Armani gives a standby time of 220 hr and a talktime of 6 hr. So, it gives the user an opportunity to make use of the mobile for long hours without the tension of recharging the battery every now and then.

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