Immigration to Canada

By: George Laczko

Why Canada? There is really no perfect country on earth in which to live, but Canada comes as close to perfection as you're likely to get. When it comes to standard of living, health care, and a safe and secure society, Canada is consistently ranked as one of the top countries in the world in which to live. Canadians are blessed with an enviable standard of living, a free health care system, and a society that is multicultural and law abiding.

Canada has room to grow. In fact, the Canadian government is making great efforts to attract skilled immigrants to assist in Canada's economic growth. Immigrants are welcomed here not only by the government but by Canadian citizens, many of whom are first and second generation Canadians themselves.

In September 2006 the Canadian government introduced some new changes to the Skilled Worker Application, the main entry method to Canada for most immigrants. It is now even easier and less expensive to start the immigration process, since previously a Skilled Worker Application required numerous supporting documents for the initial filing, costing anywhere from CDN$3000 TO CDN$6000 if done by a lawyer or an immigration consulting company.

The new filing system requires applicants to only submit a Simplified Application Form to start the process. This initial filing allows applicants to gain entry to Immigration Canada's processing queue with the expenditure of very little time and money. While applicants wait the two or three years for their application to reach the examination stage they can perfect their qualifications, so as to be assured success in meeting all the immigration requirements. It is important that people desiring to immigrate to Canada take advantage of this new change in the regulations and get into the processing queue as soon as possible since it is likely, with the lower entry barriers, the immigration queue will fill up quickly.

The Canadian Government recognizes that expanding its Skilled Worker Immigration Program is essential to Canada 's long term economic growth so we can expect to see further developments by the government to make this process even simpler in the years to come.

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