Nokia 6120 Classic, the Compact & Sleek 3G Gadget

By: Raina Kelsey

Nokia phones have the quality that makes them a favourite among mobile phone users as soon as they hit the market floor. This time also the mobile giant has produced another extremely sophisticated gadget the Nokia 6120 Classic which is a 3G phone with a stunning and extremely attractive look. The gadget is compact and sleek and you can carry it without any hassles as it's very slim with the dimensions of 105 mm x 46 mm x 15 mm and weighs only 89 g. Besides the sleekfaƃ?ade , this phone has a wide screen for greater viewing of images, videos, or other content. The high resolution screen shows upto 16 million colours so you get a colourful output.

The Classic phone from Nokia comes with a special focus on multimedia and fun.

If you are a music lover, you can enjoy listening to your preferred music station with the FM Radio and music player features incorporated in it. The music formats this gadget supports includeeAAC, WMA , and other. Besides non stop music you can click the shots anytime anywhere and store them in your phone's memory for later viewing. The 2 mega pixel camera provides you with excellent quality of recording as well. Best quality videos and images are assured with 4x digital zoom, flash, and other excellent imaging features. The internal memory is 35 MB vast which is expandable upto 2 GB so you can store your videos and images in it. The battery of this Classic phone provides you withWCDMA talk-time of upto 2.4 hours and GSM talk-time of 3.1 hours and upto 216 hours while the phone is in standby mode.

Web surfing isn't a tough task now, as the 6120 lets you do so with the HSPDA or 3G connection. This multitasking gadget lets you enjoy making 3G video-calls as well. Enjoy making face-to-face calls to others with this 3G gadget! The 6120 comes with Bluetooth,USB connectivity and EDGE support so that you are in touch with the world while you are on the go and away from your PC or laptop. The phone lets you sendSMS, IM, SMS , or emails to your friends and family without even making a call. This phone from Nokia provides you with easy connectivity, video call and more; just everything you could be seeking in your 3G phone.

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