Sending a Photo From a Computer to a Phone


To send a photo from your computer to your phone you can use a technology called Wireless Application Protocol, or WAP for short. It enables anyone to access the internet from a cell phone. This creates a multitude of possibilities including sharing photos.

Now thanks to WAP, it is possible to send digital photos from your computer to a cell phone without using any cables.

Here's how to do it. The first thing you'll need is an phone with internet or WAP functionality. Once you've got the digital picture on your computer visit a website that allows you to send pictures to a phone such as You upload the picture from your computer to the website and are given a unique code for the picture. Then via your phone's internet browser, you access the special area of the site that allows you to download the picture. Enter your unique code and the file is downloaded to your phone.

If you want to do the process in reverse, that is send photos from your phone to computer without cables, you can use a phone that has email functionality. On many of these phones, when you take a picture you have the option to send the picture via email. Simply email the photo to yourself, and when you download your email on your computer you will have the picture from your phone.

Accessing and sharing information is easier than ever thanks to WAP. Photos, emails, and other information can now be sent from cell phone to computer and back again.

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