The World's 10 Most Popular Ring Tones

By: Grigoriy Anoshenko

The mobile phone ring tones industry is extremely volatile and the variety of ring tones that can be downloaded seems almost infinite. With a strong desire to make a statement through the ring tone that plays out on one's cell phone, there is a constant latent want that must be satisfied. The want to know which is the most popular and 'cool' ring tone and the urge to outrace the pack in scouring and downloading the 'coolest' mobile phone ring tone.

Although people have different tastes and personal preferences, there is always a mass favourite. Probably, that is how the concept of a 'Top 10 Chartbusters List' came about for songs. And no reason is strong enough to deny mobile phone ring tones their own list of 'Top 10 All Time Favourites'.

Almost every website dedicated to mobile phone ring tones today has its own 'favourites' list, and time and again several industry related professionals and experts have published reports outlining the most popular ring tones of all times, based on extensive research carried out by them. A review of these reports and trade articles highlights some of the hot favourites across genres, demographics, and geographics, which recur in most of the lists. Another important aspect that needs to be understood here is the lack of ability to chronologically rate the popularity of these mobile phone ring tones because of the absence of a universal governing body dedicated to rating their popularity. However, the world's 10 most popular mobile phone ring tones would have to include these:

Within a few months of its foray in 2005, the Crazy Frog ring tone became a hot favourite with the masses. The unmistakable, uncanny voice makes for a perfect ring tone to break through the clutter of any kind of noise.

50 Cent's first number 1 hit, In Da Club, has a bass line built for making heads turn. The introductory strings section lends the suspense element whilst putting high notes on top of the gutter bass line. A must download for a party animal.

Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven is probably one of those few songs of which any portion can be used as a ring tone, although the song's introduction is more often than not used as a ring tone. The slow plucking of strings on the guitar and the serene woodwind make for an ideal ring tone composition.

All you have to be is a music fan to love this ring tone. Lynyrd Skynyrd's southern rock classic, Sweet Home Alabama, can completely turn around a party's atmosphere with its country and classic feel.

And here's one for the game freaks. Super Mario Brothers' Game Theme. Originally composed as a polyphonic ring tone, this one is now available in the MP3 format as well and is an exact replication of the track from 16 - bit Nintendo. Are we surprised?

'Ring' in the festive season with the Halloween Movie Theme. Popular with movie buffs and those that wish to delve in the festive spirit.

The Next Episode's pulsating G - funk guitar and thumping bass outscores other poorly composed hip - hop ring tones. Dr. Dre sure has scored well with this one.

This movie has had its sequels, but the OST's are still raging strong. Mission Impossible's Theme Song, is like wine. With age it just keeps getting better. An ideal one for your excruciatingly demanding boss at your workplace!

Techno fans here's one exclusively for you. Da Rude's Sandstorm has always been a chartbuster; and the polyphonic and MP3 ring tone compositions are nothing short of party - starter tones.

The Jetsons were extremely futuristic and hence it's only apt for their theme song to have become popular for a technologically advanced gadget such as a mobile phone enabled with a MP3 ring tone player.

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