Downloading Free Ringtones with TracFone

By: Devin Sledgehammer

Several mobile networks have made their impact in the world since the cell phones were first invented. Each of them has their own features and services, which determine a large part of the share of popularity that they garner. Here, a mention must be made of TracFone, the networking giant that has always remained the top of the heap by providing better and better features to its ever-growing clientele. One of its best features is of course the large number of ringtones that it provides.

TracFone is known for its ringtones as much as for its services. The ringtones pertain to a whole gamut of music genres such as classics, rhythm and blues, jazz, disco, western classical, rock, pop, heavy metal, hard rock, rap, reggae, hip hop and even relatively new music genres like emo and ska. Apart from that, there are the decade specials such as the forties, fifties, sixties, right up to the new millennium's first decade. With such a large range of music, it is clear that there is always something for everyone.

However, TracFone ringtones can be used only on TracFone services. Though TracFone itself provides services to other cellular networks, third parties cannot play TracFone ringtones unless they are collaborated with it. That means, you have to be a TracFone user to enjoy the ringtones that it provides. TracFone has maintained this policy for two reasons. One, it provides security for their own ringtones, and second, it ensures that TracFone can provide good quality music since it is always played on its own networks. That is the reason why TracFone can play both polyphonic as well as real sound with impeccable clarity.

If you are a TracFone subscriber, then you can get any of the ringtones on the TracFone lists for free. Downloading the ringtones is free. Some free ringtone providers do include additional charges, but in TracFone this does not happen. There are no hidden costs, and this is easily understood since TracFone provides only prepaid services, where the ringtone downloading costs do not add up.

TracFone does use its ringtones for promotional purposes. Many of TracFone's ads focus on the fact that they provide such a vast range of ringtones for free. They are very quick to cash in on current hits, and come out immediately with both polyphonic and real sound ringtones of the hit tracks. This has added to the popularity of TracFone, because it is faster in providing hit ringtones than other mobile services in most cases. Also, TracFone provides special theme music ringtones, such as Billboard Specials and Grammy Specials, though it might not explicitly name them so.

Since music and communication both are a vital part of life, a TracFone phone with such a large range of ringtones is quite obviously very popular. TracFone users spend a lot of their times downloading ringtones and playing them, and justifiably so.

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